Report: Further tests show Logan Thomas did tear his ACL

Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders
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After Washington tight end Logan Thomas injured his knee in a Week 13 win over the Raiders, head coach Ron Rivera said that an MRI showed Thomas did not tear his ACL.

It appears that other tests returned different news about Thomas’ knee. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that those tests showed Thomas did suffer a tear and that he will have surgery to address the injury this week.

Thomas went on injured reserve last week and that move ended his season since he had a previous stint on the list earlier this year. Learning the injury is a torn ACL will change the rehab timeline for Thomas heading into next season.

Between the knee injury and his earlier hamstring injury, Thomas was limited to six games this season. He caught 18 passes for 196 yards and three touchdowns after posting a career-high 72 catches, 670 yards, and six touchdowns in 2020.

4 responses to “Report: Further tests show Logan Thomas did tear his ACL

  1. I feel bad for Thomas, but at least Ngakoue made a huge play that changed the course of the game after shredding homey’s knee.

    Just kidding – that didn’t happen and now one of the more promising/exciting tight ends in the league has to sit out for a season (plus). Great job, NFL!

  2. So, I guess this is what happens when the team’s head trainer is suspended because he’s under federal investigation?! I don’t understand how a team owned by a billionaire in a trillion dollar league can’t get the medical assets required to properly determine a torn ACL for over a week!

    Now I get why Trent Williams refused to stay here after his botched cancer diagnosis!

  3. Isn’t it common knowledge to get a second opinion on something that is suspicious? I see proper procedures being followed.

    Trent Williams was a declining ability clown who thought a team doctor was his primary care physician. He was an idiot.

  4. Next time Ngakoue lines up against the WFT, he should watch his knees. I get the feeling they might be shown special attention.

    I know the shot was “legal,” (that should change) but the intent looked to injure, not make a good football play.

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