Shad Khan vows to do the “right thing” with Urban Meyer

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On the surface, Monday’s comments from Jaguars owner Shad Khan seemed to suggest that he’ll stay the course. On closer inspection, Khan has left the door open to do whatever he thinks he needs to do, given the current situation involving his team.

Speaking at a pre-planned reception on his superyacht with local beat writers to discuss the state of the team, the questions understandably focused on first-year coach Urban Meyer.

“I’m not impulsive,” Khan said, via Mark Long of the Associated Press. “I learned that a long time ago with anything that’s this important you don’t want to be impulsive. You want to look at exactly what I know first-hand, what people are telling me and then collect that and do the right thing.”

He noted that both Gus Bradley and Doug Marrone received four years to turn things around. Khan did not commit to another four-year plan for Meyer, calling it “absolutely a trap I don’t believe falling in.”

“I think we have a history of looking at the facts and doing the right thing,” Khan said. “Wins and losses, this is a little bit different. I’m going to reflect on all of that and do what’s the right thing for the team and the right thing for the city.”

And while on-field success continues to be the primary focus, Khan recognizes that there’s something different regarding the struggles of a team that usually enjoys the luxury of failing with anonymity.

“What’s different about this thing is you have losses and you have drama,” Khan said. “In the past, it was like, you were, ‘It’s like the lowly Jaguars’ and everyone left you alone. Now, the scrutiny we have is really something different.

“So how much of that is we’re bringing it upon ourselves or how much of that is deserved? In this case, Urban, he won wherever he was. This is something he’s never dealt with. And when you win in football, you create enemies. The only way you can really deal with that is you got to win again.”

Khan seems to be confused about the concept of enemy-generation in football. Obviously, success creates resentment from competitors. For Meyer, failure (and the coach’s handling of it) has triggered animosity from those who are not supposed to feel that way about him.

Regardless, Khan expects more from Meyer.

“The plan is you need to start winning now and tell me what you need and that’s what we’re going to do,” Khan said. “I feel we have a roster that is far better than winning two games.”

But it has only won two games. And Meyer is the man primarily and ultimately responsible for it.

He’s also responsible for hiring the assistants who have, at least partially, turned on him. It all started when Meyer abandoned his post and didn’t fly back to Jacksonville with the team after a Thursday night game in Cincinnati. That’s when “sources” began airing dirty laundry about interactions with assistant coaches, relaxed work hours, and other things that began to come to light after Meyer decided that it wasn’t important to be with his football team as it got on a plane and flew home. Given all of the various things that could happen on the flight (fights, arguments, illnesses, weather-related issues, etc.), the notion that the man in charge of the team chose not to be present continues to be incomprehensible.

Then there’s whatever Meyer told Khan when Meyer returned to work and was grilled for it. What has, or hasn’t, Khan done to explore whether Meyer told him the truth?

As to the latest issue involving Meyer, the mere fact that it exists becomes a bigger problem than whether he said or did what he’s accused of saying or doing. Those incidents are, in the grand scheme of things, not remotely as bad to ditching his team for a weekend of rest and recreation. The fact that someone broke ranks and spilled facts to the media conglomerate partially owned by the Jaguars shows that Meyer has failed the ultimate pass-fail test of whether he truly has control of his team.

He doesn’t. The house currently is on fire, and he’s spending his time quibbling about whether the lawn needs to be trimmed. Khan, one the great American success stories of his generation, presumably knows enough to know that the current situation, as crafted by Meyer, is the exact opposite of that.

60 responses to “Shad Khan vows to do the “right thing” with Urban Meyer

  1. Teams that play on Thursdays usually treat the following weekend as a bye and give the players the time off they didn’t get while preparing for the Thursday game. There’s nothing wrong with the coach telling the players they are free until Monday. There’s also nothing wrong with the coaches doing the same.

  2. The autocratic coaching model just does not carry over effectively from college to the pros. How many times have we seen this play out? And it’s not just a problem with the coaching model, Meyer almost lost all credibility shortly after walking through the door.

    It seems like Darth Hoodie is the only current coach who’s figured out how to be feared and respected by players. Meanwhile you have a guy like Mike Tomlin, who’s a credible man but gets ripped for being too much of a players’ coach. So was John Madden. I guess winning solves your locker room culture dilemmas.

  3. The question should be: who can you hire that can fix the damage done to Trevor Lawrence, your franchise QB, who has been a disaster this season.

  4. So Khan is satisfied with just being the “lowly Jaguars” as long as there’s no drama and everyone leaves them alone? Not only do they need a new head coach,they need a new owner,too. That seems like the right thing to do.

  5. Mr. Khan might know the world about auto parts but his is lost on the complexities of the NFL world.

  6. I imagine Mr. Khan is hoping that Urban quits to take a college job. That way he’s off the hook financially. If Mr. Khan fires Urban, he’s essentially laying him to be UCLA coach next year.

  7. He will turn his yacht into Urban’s private lapdance headquarters away from prying eyes.

  8. All you need to do in your decision is ask if Josh McDaniels or Andy Reid was coaching Trevor Lawrence would he be progressing as a generational talent compared to what’s going on with Urban? Don’t kill this kids career before it starts. Urban embarasses your franchise. He has zero clue about football at all. He only won because Ohio State is a brand that’s easy to recruit five star talent. Remember Urban picked Deayne Haskins over Joe Burrow when they were both at Ohio State. Great evaluating there Urban.

  9. No surprise here. They have had one (fluke) winning season since Khan bought the team. Every other year has seen double-digit losses. Of course he’s going to stick with Urban because he doesn’t want to pay to fire him. Don’t forget he hired Trent Baalke as the GM. He did get approval for his latest scheme and gets the taxpayers to help make him even richer. He could care less about the Jags. It’s just another cash cow for him.

  10. Even the best managers make bad hires. Cut your losses and move on. TL’s impressionable years are to valuable to waste.

  11. A common solution among readers to individuals embroiled in controversy is to have them cut, fired, forced to sell their team, or imprisoned. Without delay.

  12. Meyer wanted to be fired in order to get the most payout. Khan wanted Meyer to resign and no payout. And here we are.

  13. Dear Mr. Khan,

    Don’t listen to these clowns. Raw, young qb talent can flourish despite bad coaches and an awful offensive line.

    Samuel Jacob Bradford

  14. Did hiring Urban help in key areas like attracting free agents? Finding and retaining assistant coaches? Getting more local sponsors? Increasing fan interest?

    Yeah…he’s one and done.\

  15. So Khan was fine losing and cashing checks until people started laughing at him personally huh? Sounds about right for a lot of these owners with no football background. A reliable source once told me a lot of pro sports owners don’t care about their teams as much as they’re just deathly afraid of losing face in their social circles.

  16. After reading the AP article, it appears that Khan is more concerned about keeping and developing Lawrence than he is allowing the Meyer regime to continue. If that’s the case, then Khan needs to move quickly because Trevor is taking weekly beatings and showing signs of developing a dangerous case of “happy feet” in the pocket.

  17. That sounds like a prequel to a firing! Myer is gone at the end of this season, unless he starts winning, that’s what Khan is effectively saying

  18. No one can ever accuse Khan of not being patient and fair to his hires. The irony here though is that if Urban could figure out a way to get all his money from the Jags and then jump to some big college job he’d leave Khan high and dry without even saying goodbye.

  19. The coaches on his staff mock him, and have a little thing amongst themselves where they ask each other “What year did Urban invent football”? He has lost the players and coaches…he has got to go.

  20. One winning season since he bought the team. After that one great season in 2017 the team was basically immediately dismantled. I’m pretty sure Khan doesn’t know what the right thing is when it comes to an NFL football team.

  21. He wants to give Urban time to turn things around? The problem doesn’t seem to be his coaching ability, he’s proven he can win. The problem is that he is trying to coach a team that already has a losing culture and he has obvious personality conflicts with NFL players and he has lost the locker room. Things he may be able to get away with college players, he can’t with NFL players. Good luck is all I have to say.

  22. You can’t hire Urban Myer and expect to fly under the radar. He brings more then just losses to the team. He makes some very poor personal decisions that also has a tremendous impact on the team and the amount of respect they have or don’t have for him. I think he’s just cashing checks at this point.

  23. Won’t happen, probably not even worth the keystrokes… but I would absolutely LOVE to see his players walk out on him.

  24. If he wanted to do the right thing he would fire this guy ASAP. No is going to work for him, no one is going to play for him, he won’t attract any free agents except ones with no other options. Keeping him will only hamstring Lawrence’s NFL development until he is finally ruined. He’s taken a once in a generation talent and wasted a year already.

  25. I think Khan should be wondering why the stories from in the building are getting leaked in such detail. For that kind of info to be coming out, the players and coaches are probably unwilling to continue to take direction from Meyer. Leaking stories is a warning shot. If Khan doesn’t move on then I think there will be big problems going into next year.

  26. Glad this guy doesn’t own my team. He just cannot pick the right people to run his football operation.

  27. Football is a business and in business you give people a chance to correct their errors. Especially, if they are viewed as stars. While Meyer has made many errors, he’s not had the job a year yet and he’s still learning the PROFESSIONAL football business. He’s going to get another year, but I am sure Khan’s told him he’s got to change his style if he expects to have a positive impact.

  28. “I feel we have a roster that is far better than winning two games.” Jalen, Yannick, Leo, and the Jolly giant don’t live here anymore.

  29. kohila says:
    December 14, 2021 at 10:54 am
    All you need to do in your decision is ask if Josh McDaniels or Andy Reid was coaching Trevor Lawrence would he be progressing as a generational talent compared to what’s going on with Urban?
    Who knows? Jarrett Stidham couldn’t even be coached up to win the starting job over a horrible Cam Newton.

  30. Trevor Lawrence is the Jaguars. Hire someone that will develop him. Theee are plenty of qualified coaches who would love the oppoertunity. Letting this go on for another season would devastating for Trevor.

  31. I say Khan lets him coach another year and gives him a chance because firing him is a costly event. He must pay the entire contract and money due so that for sure adds some clout to Khan doing nothing right now.

  32. Should UM be kept the test will be in the off season which type of quality new coaches and free agents does he attract ?? as do all of us NFL want the shiney new QB ‘s second season to also be crap cause the gazillionaire wants to save a few bucks and especially if his I’m the GOAT coach of all time mentality refuses to change thus sadly just enhancing even more the hiring mistake.

  33. philmccracken says:
    December 14, 2021 at 12:15 pm
    Why on earth does Jacksonville have an NFL team?

    Do they?

  34. “Shad Khan vows to do the “right thing” with Urban Meyer”

    Talk about a non-statement. Kahn sure knows how to talk to the media. Kahn’s statement literally says nothing.

  35. Urban Liar… what a joke this guy has become, ditching his team after yet another loss so he could spend time chasing around and feeling up young women with videos to prove it, threatening the coaches HE hired, trying to instill fear in grown men making as much or more then himself, threatening to fire “the leakers” on the spot whether he has the authority to do so or not. Clearly this clown is an embarrassment to Khan, turning him into the joke owner of the NFL. How much more of this incompetence and just plain lame behavior can Khan take before he cuts ties with this jerk? As Rex Ryan says (paraphrasing), “He’s coaching in the big boys league now, not the kiddy league and he better stop trying to talk down to the MEN playing for him. They’re not kids afraid of him.” UM thinks he’s Belichick or Lombardi when he’s really just a coach who had success at schools who recruit well, not because of any brilliance on his own part. If Khan keeps Meyer around you can kiss the career of Trevor Lawrence goodbye….

  36. Normally patience is the key, but geez, when a head coach missteps on the field, on the practice field, with coaches, with players, and screws up more off the field and with the media — basically every single aspect of his job — how can be possibly be retained under the guise of stability when he has created none?.

  37. Just reading the headline and skipping the story, I am gathering that Khad is going to sell the team and let the new owner clean house? This dudes record of “success” makes the Jets, Browns, and Lions ownership look competent.

  38. Which #1-draft-pick QB did Bradley & Marrone work with?

    How much unprofessionalism and overall team regression is enough?

    They drafted the right QB but have put the next decade of the franchise at risk with a deeply erroneous head-coach hire.

  39. Kahn isn’t a bad guy but owning a NFL TEAM just doesn’t seem in his DNA. He needs a proven GM and then a proven coach…if not , it won’t be long before Lawrence wants out ,and makes his moves to force his way out.

  40. “Winning creates enemies”? Belichick is the best coach in NFL history and has multiple SB rings– and is admired and liked by virtually every coach in the league.

  41. gifted a top-10 RB, Meyer is so clueless he starts the ghost of the ghost of Carlos Hyde at the beginning of the year. Way to win over the natives with that spot-on decision making. Being a 2-3 year veteran on this team, right then I know we’re now trying to win at head-games within the locker room rather than football games on the field.

    It’s clear, I could be a better NFL HC than Meyer and my resume include coaching youth hockey and up to Babe Ruth level in baseball. I’ve no doubt I can coach better than this ass-hat. College-Football-Entitlement-Syndrome is real and Urban has his picture next to the definition in medical journals everywhere.

  42. In other words, Khan doesn’t want to pay coaches not employed to the team, no matter what the damage my be.

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