Arthur Blank on current COVID crunch: “At some point, you feel like you are fighting a ghost”

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The NFL is currently losing the protracted tug-of-war with COVID. And it’s creating clear frustration among owners.

“At some point, you feel like you are fighting a ghost,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said from the quarterly ownership meetings in Dallas, via Judy Battista of NFL Media. “You don’t know where to swing.”

Giants co-owner John Mara seemed equally resigned to the situation.

It seems like it’s never going away,” Mara said, also per Battista.

That’s why the league needs to devise protocols that acknowledge the fact that the pandemic has become endemic. It’s here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. It’s not a one- or two-year thing. The league needs to figure out how to better manage things. The protocols need to reflect more common sense, more of the knowledge that has been developed over the past two years.

And it needs to give a crap about the protocols it adopts. If a quarterback isn’t vaccinated, he can’t be allowed to ignore the rules, as Aaron Rodgers was. If there’s reason to believe that players have fake vaccination cards (and there is), the situation needs to be investigated.

Too much of the 2021 protocols seem to be about P.R. and politics. That stuff needs to take a backseat to the practicalities of staging 272 regular-season games and 13 postseason games. The goal needs to be finding a way to minimize the spread and to maximize the ability of players who catch it (but who have no symptoms) to play.

The league doesn’t have to fight a ghost. It can tackle far more tangible issues in an effort to coexist with Casper, and to make him as friendly as humanly possible.

8 responses to “Arthur Blank on current COVID crunch: “At some point, you feel like you are fighting a ghost”

  1. All the ink being spilled towards The commissioner needs to be redirected towards the owners. They’re paying his salary and pulling the strings.

  2. Shut it down. Live to fight another day.

    … but your lust for money won’t allow you to do that, though, will it?!

  3. Let’s face it it’s the unvaccinated that are keeping this pandemic going. The league should require mandatory vaccination. Time to stop making exceptions for people like Rodgers.

  4. So far I havent heard of a vaccinated player getting extremely ill from the virus. If vaccinated players are not showing any symptoms, just let them play.

  5. As long as Matt Ryan is there, the stench of failure will continue to waft over the team. Not saying Ryan sucks, just that he has to go for the franchise to move on.

  6. If the league truly had a commissioner that was looking out for the good of the sport they would not be in this situation. Instead they are getting what they deserve. Do your job Goodell

  7. That’s because you ARE fighting a ghost. The pcr tests are a joke and it’s abundantly clear the vaccinated are the spreaders.

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