Browns announce Kevin Stefanski tested positive for COVID-19

Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots
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The Browns won a playoff game without head coach Kevin Stefanski last season.

If they want to make it to the postseason in 2021, they might have to win another game without him.

Cleveland announced on Wednesday morning that Stefanski has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the Browns’ announcement, Stefanski is not only fully vaccinated, but has also received a booster shot. Cleveland says Stefanski is feeling fine and will continue his head coaching duties virtually.

Stefanski missed Cleveland’s postseason victory over Pittsburgh in the Wild Card round last year after testing positive for COVID-19.

The Browns play the Raiders on Saturday, which gives Stefanski less time to produce the two negative tests separated by 24 hours that he would need to return to the Browns’ facility. Cleveland said special teams coordinator Mike Priefer will serve as the acting head coach and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt will be the offensive play caller if Stefanski must miss the game.

Cleveland’s running backs coach, Ryan Cordell, has also tested positive for the virus. He also must produce two negative tests separated by 24 hours to return to work.

The Browns placed eight players on their COVID-19 lists on Tuesday and currently have 12 players between their active roster and the practice squad in COVID-19 protocols — including four offensive starters. According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, all eight players placed into the protocols on Tuesday have been vaccinated. That means some may return in time for Saturday’s game against Las Vegas.

17 responses to “Browns announce Kevin Stefanski tested positive for COVID-19

  1. If Priefer is named acting head coach, will he have the wherewithal to do the right thing for the team and replace Mayfield with Keenum? Stefanski surely doesn’t.

  2. So he has already had Covid, and now 3 shots and still tested positive for Covid again?

    Pretty much time to acknowledge this is now endemic, never going away, and just get on with letting everyone make their own risk assessments in life like we do with everything else.

  3. Stefanski got COVID last year and is vaccinated AND boosted.

    He also has no symptoms.

    Remind me why he can’t coach unless he clears all the virus out of his nose?

    The NFL (and the other major sports leagues) need to meet TODAY and announce asymptomatic players and coaches can continue to do their jobs.

  4. He’s vaccinated and boosted and feeling fine. Tested positive so he can spread the virus.
    Without being tested, he wouldn’t know he had it, so like a normal person – not tested daily- he could wander around unwittingly spreading the virus to other vaccinated and boosted people. And yet it is paramount to be vaccinated. Once, twice, three times and take some pills, then another booster I am sure. Makes one wonder a little bit the point of young healthy people vaccinating.

  5. Positive test does not mean infection. Sooner we get out of this cycle of testing limbo the better off society will be

  6. patsrule says:
    December 15, 2021 at 9:37 am
    If Priefer is named acting head coach, will he have the wherewithal to do the right thing for the team and replace Mayfield with Keenum? Stefanski surely doesn’t.


    Well, since it just came out that Mayfield has tested positive, it’s going to happen, although at the rate things are going, this game may be postponed. The Browns have a full-blown outbreak.

  7. Wow all these vaccinated players are testing positive. Even with boosters. How will the season play out?

  8. What people need to realize is that we can start to treat this like a common sickness once enough people get vaccinated. Those that are yelling the loudest about protocols are the ones that are doing NOTHING to put an end to this. Get the stupid vaccine and we can all move on with our lives. Don’t get the vaccine and this will continue indefinitely.

  9. Testing positive does mean that you have the infection. No symptoms means that the vaccine is working. Vaccinated people carry the virus for a shorter period of time than the unvaccinated, so Stefanski should be back in a few days.

  10. Their chances of winning will skyrocket if he and Mayfield are no where on the field

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