Carson Wentz: I’m confident we’ll be able to run the ball against New England

NFL: NOV 14 Jaguars at Colts
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The Patriots have a reputation for taking away what an opponent’s offense does best.

So when New England plays Indianapolis on Saturday night this week, its defense will have a pretty clear target: running back Jonathan Taylor.

There’s a clear pattern to Colts games this year. When Taylor has 100 yards rushing, the Colts have won. When he finishes below that number, they’ve lost.

But that pattern could mean there’s more on quarterback Carson Wentz’s shoulders if Indianapolis is to win. But Wentz said on Tuesday that the Colts will still have to keep Taylor involved no matter how New England’s defense tries to take him out.

“For sure. I would say a lot of teams have done that as of late,” Wentz said in his press conference. “So, for us, JT’s still as good as it gets at that position in the league and we trust our big boys up front, no matter the looks, to get it done. For us, it’s going to still be the same thing. We’re going to try and run the ball and I’m confident that we’re going to be able to. We’re going to still do our thing. Then, like we always say within a game, make adjustments as needed.”

Taylor has rushed for 172, 116, 185, and 143 yards in four of the Colts’ last five games. The one exception was Indianapolis’ 38-31 loss to Tampa Bay, in which he had 83 yards on 16 carries.

Taylor currently leads the league with 1,348 yards on the ground and 16 rushing touchdowns.

Coming off their bye, the Patriots enter this week with the league’s No. 19 run defense, allowing 4.4 yards per attempt. If they can’t contain Taylor, it’ll be tough for New England to come away with a victory.

15 responses to “Carson Wentz: I’m confident we’ll be able to run the ball against New England

  1. Wow. These people can’t stop running their mouths. The Pats D is going to foaming at the mouth come Sat night.

    Holy mackerel, these people just don’t get it.

  2. It’s probably going to come down to the end of the game, and which team makes a critical error. Should be a great game. Must see TV. Wentz is playing well. Taylor is a beast. New England is in gear. Frank Reich will be prepared to face Belichick, but he’ll need his QB to come through in crunch time.

  3. Belichick will make sure Wentz has to make plays. Although with him you never sure which one you will get the dime dropper or the pick master.

  4. The Pats have not forgotten who started “Deflategate”. Wentz just gave them a little more incentive with this proclamation.

  5. You people that thinks it takes something as trivial as a QB showing confidence to motivate an NFL team…….

  6. Simple case of bait & switch. Talk about running the football then come out and spread em out in 4 wide sets and throw it around the yard. Good gamesmanship by the Colts

  7. Carson, Let me ask you something: If the rule you followed brought you to this—of what use was the rule?

  8. Pats gave up 270 rushing yards to the Titans and won. If Bill thinks it’s best to let the Colts run all day between the 20’s, but hold them to FG attempts, then be my guest – run!

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