Daniel Snyder, the King of Petty

Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins
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Plenty of anecdotes have made the rounds in recent months regarding the habit of Washington owner Daniel Snyder to insist on being called “Mr. Snyder.” (I was once present for one of those; during Super Bowl week in Dallas, a staffer on PFT Live made the mistake of asking “Dan” to move his bottle.)

However, as trivial and meaningless demands go, here’s an example that takes the cake and gives Snyder the undisputed crown of King of Petty.

Tuesday’s item in the Washington Post explains that Snyder became miffed in January 2020 after learning that former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen sent a congratulatory text message to new coach Ron Rivera, but not to Snyder.

Snyder, by the way, had recently fired Allen.

The owner tried to avoid paying Allen the balance of his salary under his contract. During the legal battle that unfolded, Snyder’s lawyers wanted Allen to agree to send the congratulatory text message as part of a settlement.

The dispute eventually was resolved, and Allen never sent the text.

Meanwhile, why didn’t the NFL demand text messages when investigating the WFT workplace culture? Snyder supposedly didn’t send emails. Apparently, he sent texts. It’s hard not to wonder what’s lurking in there.

24 responses to “Daniel Snyder, the King of Petty

  1. Congratulatory text for what? What was Bruce saying congrats to Rivera for? Getting the WFT head coaching job? What did Dan want Bruce to say? “Congrats on landing a new coach”?

  2. Well just when you thought you have heard everything about this clown, more things just keep popping up. The sooner he is gone from the NFL the better.

  3. If you were writing a movie and trying to create a character this petty and ridiculous, you couldnt do it.

  4. It doesn’t matter what’s in Snyder’s texts or anything else regarding him and his conduct. What matters is that the NFL cherry-picked the emails they needed in order to land Gruden and the Raiders as the scapegoat. Goodell and his cronies got what they wanted/needed. End of story. Move along, everyone.

  5. If I was a WFT fan, I’d be dying to see this man child sell the team. But I’m an Eagles fan, so I hope he doesn’t!

  6. In this country, people treat billionaires like rock stars, but when stuff like this comes out, it’s a nice reminder that they’re just like every other human with bizarre neuroses, quirks, and whims. They just happen to have the buying power (and thus protection) to allow those neuroses/quirks/whims to become completely unhinged over time if unchecked. That’s the meta-view.

    Snyder is a bad human. That’s the zoomed-view.

  7. To quote Danny McBride from the movie This is the End..

    “You were being Petty… Tom Petty!”

  8. And there are plenty more idiots like this out there running big companies and small businesses, alike, where people are payed peanuts and have no recourse.

  9. We’ve all been there. Having to work for a terrible human being. It is what it is. This idiot demanding to be called Mr Snyder or demanding a fired employee send a congratulations message pales in comparisons to the rumors. So the real questions are, why was Jon Gruden the only target of the exposé, and more importantly, why isn’t the dirty laundry on the REAL accusations against Mr. Snyder being aired????

  10. Well this is another shocker since Little Danny is so well respected and known for being a great human and donating a lot to the community.

  11. So glad Dan doesn’t own my team. And that Dan’s team is a perennial loser. Dan should be ashamed. Dan’s team still doesn’t have a name or identity. Poor Dan.

  12. Totally reasonable request, similar to George Costanza getting upset when the girl he was dating accepted the thank you for the big salad he bought Elaine

  13. Everyone knows Snyder is a sleazy egomaniac. I feel sorry for anyone who is forced to have to continually stroke this little person’s ego to keep their job. His staff must try to hide whenever they see this little tyrant coming. “Vertically challenged” short people like little Danny often have HUGE inferiority complexes that cause them to bluster and growl at folks to try to make up for their small size. He’s a caricature, a cartoon character with a lot of money, and therefore a lot of power, and as long as he owns the WFT his stadium will continue to have more fans from opposing teams in seats than WFT fans. I feel sorry for my wife, a lifelong fan who in recent years won’t even watch their games any longer with Snyder still at their helm. It’s sad.

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