DeAndre Hopkins likely to miss rest of regular season, return for postseason

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins suffered a knee injury on Monday night that will likely keep him out for the next few weeks.

Hopkins is expected to miss the rest of the regular season with a sprained knee but could return in the playoffs, according to ESPN.

Surgery is a possibility but Hopkins will get a second opinion before deciding on that.

Hopkins has missed three games already this season and hasn’t been as productive as usual even when he has played. His 2021 season will finish with career lows in catches (42) and yards (572).

16 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins likely to miss rest of regular season, return for postseason

  1. Bad but not terrible news. At least he will be there for the playoffs. Man he is fun to watch play. Still can’t believe O’Brien traded him.

  2. Hope he gets right, but the Cardinals have done pretty good without having a fully healthy D-Hop all season.

  3. So long as he’s back for the postseason…this is great news considering after the report of him needing a 2nd opinion…I thought his season was over

  4. All because he’s embarrassed about dropping a pass that could have cost his team the game? Swallow your pride.

  5. I presume the injury happened on that play in the end zone near the end of the game. Dumb play call and bad decision to throw into double coverage!

  6. Everyone was killing the Texans for trading Dropkin.

    Compare Dropkins to his replacement Cooks

    Dropkins 1407 yard / 6 TD’s
    Cooks 1150 yards / 6 TD’s

    Dropkins 572 yards / 8 TD’s
    Cooks 843 yards / 3 TD’s

    Dropkins 1972 yards / 14 TD’s
    Cooks 1993 yards / 9 TD’s

    Two things to consider here, who is throwing the ball to Cooks this year and Cooks is a lot cheaper than 22 million a year. The Texans were smart to move on from Dropkin’s and got a 2nd round draft pick.

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