Dee Ford claims his group-text goodbye to teammates wasn’t for good

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49ers defensive end Dee Ford sent a goodbye text to teammates on Tuesday night. At least one interpreted it to be a farewell for good. Ford now says he didn’t mean it to be permanent.

“The articles saying I told my teammates I expected to be released are false,” Ford told Mike Silver, via “I’m going to be getting rehab and taking the time needed to get back and I was saying goodbye to the boys because I wouldn’t be in the building. We are still rolling. We’re just taking the time needed.”

The message came in a group text to all defensive linemen, adding to the perception that Ford won’t be back.

It could be a distinction without a difference. With the window closing today on Ford’s ability to return to the active roster in 2021, and given that Ford is leaving the team to rehab on his own, he won’t be back this year.

So will he be back in 2022? He has a $4.6 million roster bonus guaranteed for injury and a $2.4 million salary. The roster bonus may be unavoidable, unless his efforts to rehab on his own are successful. Either way, the 49ers may be at the point where they decide to move on from Ford.

5 responses to “Dee Ford claims his group-text goodbye to teammates wasn’t for good

  1. Everyone claims his legacy is that he will forever be known as the guy that cost KC a Super Bowl by jumping offside. In reality, his real legacy should be showing other players that can’t take the field because of injury how to hang around for multiple seasons and make millions despite that fact. He sure schooled the FO at SFO.

  2. Again; the 2022 Cap Space with his being released before 6/22 is significant ($7M) and the injury money is going to be paid regardless. He will not be in the SF locker room next season.

  3. PhD, that’s a little too harsh. The guy sacrificed his body (spine) for the good of the NFL. I’m sure he’d rather be healthy.

    It’s on the FO to value his worth.
    SF guessed wrong… That’s on them.

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