Dee Ford tells teammates he expects to be released

San Francisco 49ers vs Detroit Lions
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With Wednesday serving as the deadline for activating Dee Ford in 2021 and with coach Kyle Shanahan recently saying he’ll be surprised if Ford plays again this year, Ford’s time in San Francisco could be ending soon.

Per a league source, Ford has informed teammates that he expects to be released as soon as Wednesday.

A first-round pick of the Chiefs in 2014, Ford was traded to the 49ers in 2019 for a second-round pick in the 2020 draft. He signed a five-year, $85.5 million deal with the 49ers.

Ford played in 11 regular-season games during his first season with the team, one in 2020, and six in 2021. He has dealt with chronic back issues the past two seasons.

He last played on October 24, and he thereafter landed on injured reserve. The team returned Ford to practice on November 25, and the three-week window for returning to the active roster or spending the rest of the year on IR arrives tomorrow. As Ford tells it to colleagues, he expects that the team will simply cut its losses and move on.

16 responses to “Dee Ford tells teammates he expects to be released

  1. You mean via an injury settlement the team should have worked out two years ago? Lynch’s inexperience has been costly in many ways.

  2. He has more than enough money to enjoy the rest of his life, and his children’s lives. He has chronic back pain. If he signs with anyone, he is crazy. If another team signs him, it will be compensation based on being on the active roster.

  3. As a Chiefs fan all I can say is thank you to the 49rs for taking this idiot of the Chiefs hands after he cost the Chiefs a trip to the Superbowl because he didn’t know how to line up before the play of the most important game of his life.

  4. Sadly, this is the best move. He had a few games where he showed flashes but he never played like he did in KC. The niners have plenty of pass rushers. Move on.

  5. I know it’s an Oft-used phrase, but it’s one of those saying that is way too general and kind of dumb. Kind of like “110%” expression.

    “The best ability is availability”

    It’s not really the best ability in athletics.

    More accurate would be “The Most IMPORTANT ability is availability.”

  6. KC will Never forget that Dee Ford lined up off sides and cost our Chiefs a trip tot he Super Bowl.

  7. I hear there are a lot of jobs out there right now but he could probably get more just staying home with the kids playing vid games anc collecting those great un employment checks. LOL

  8. How could they cut him this week? That would bring 10 mil of dead money onto this years cap and they have less than that amount of room.

  9. His cap hit does not increase as indicated by nevyn49 above. Because it’s going to be post June 2021, his cap hit this year remains the same. He has dead money of just under $5M in next two seasons 2022/2023 & actually has a Cap Savings in 2022 of $7M.

    Ford gets the $4.9M in 2022 for injury as part of his restructuring contract last year. He already got the $4.9M of 2023 voided/dead year at the signing of that restructured contract.

    It is obvious that he will be cut if he can’t make it back to play this week. There is no down side for the team at that point. If he signs with another team, the injury pay gets tabled. If he doesn’t, they are on the hook for it. But that doesn’t change, regardless if he goes on IR or is released.

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