Case Keenum: We are looking nowhere but forward

Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns
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With Baker Mayfield testing positive for COVID-19, Case Keenum will in all likelihood start for the Browns when they play the Raiders on Saturday.

Keenum provided a steady hand earlier in the season when Mayfield had to miss Cleveland’s Thursday matchup with Denver back in Week Seven. He was 21-of-33 passing for 199 yards with a touchdown in the 17-14 victory, which was Keenum’s first start since 2019.

Now Keenum is in line to get another opportunity, albeit with 18 players from the active roster and practice squad on Cleveland’s COVID-19 lists.

“It is never fun to be in a position where you are ruled out or can’t play,” Keenum said Wednesday, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan. “Obviously, this is a special circumstance with all of this COVID and it is brand new over the last couple of years. It is never fun, especially when you feel pretty good. That is what is unfortunate.”

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, who has also tested positive for COVID-19 this week, said Wednesday that he expects Cleveland to find a way to win. Keenum noted that the Browns players are staying focused.

“I think it really has hit everybody in stride — maybe not the guys who got put on the list — but for the guys who are now really getting an opportunity, I think it is all eyes forward,” Keenum said. “Everybody is looking forward. Everybody is ready to go, getting ready to go and doing the best they can. It may be a lot more mental work as we do things more virtually, and everybody has to be a pro and get ready to do their job on their own. We are looking nowhere but forward. We have no time or energy to look behind us.”

Baring anything unforeseen, Keenum will at least have the benefit of running back Nick Chubb in the backfield for Saturday’s matchup. Chubb was sidelined due to injury back in Week Seven.

“Yeah, having a full Chubb back there is going to be really good,” Keenum said.

6 responses to “Case Keenum: We are looking nowhere but forward

  1. “Yeah, having a full Chubb back there is going to be really good,” Keenum said.

    Mr. Keenum, you win the internet today.

  2. “Yeah, having a full Chubb back there is going to be really good,” Keenum said.

    I damn near spit coffee all over my computer.

  3. Did Mayfield get vaccinated?
    If not, and he missy time due to covid, it’s a costly mistake.

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