Dak Prescott finds fresh motivation in “slump” talk

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On Tuesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones resisted describing the recent performances of quarterback Dan Prescott as a “slump,” but Jones also called the use of the term fair.

For Prescott, the word is misplaced — and it also gives him some motivation.

I do realize I’m not playing my best ball,” Prescott told reporters on Thursday, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “I haven’t been playing it. I’ve made some poor decisions, I guess you could say. But that’s kind of part of it. I wouldn’t say it is ‘slump’ material. But I’m definitely not up to my standard and expectations.”

Still, he finds fuel in the criticism of his play.

“I’ve been doubted my whole life,” Prescott said. “Been said I couldn’t do this, I can’t do that. So in a sense, I’m actually glad it’s kind of come back. I’m glad that that’s the way the people feel and there’s a lot of that being said right now.”

There’s definitely a lot of it being said. And for good reason. He was spectacular through Week Six, when he suffered a calf injury at the tail end of the overtime win over the Patriots. He had 16 touchdown passes and four interceptions in those first six games. In six games since returning, he’s thrown eight touchdown passes and six interceptions.

Prescott disputes the idea that he’s anything less than 100 percent physically. Regardless, he’s not as good as he was before the injury. He’s still very good, but the last six games clearly weren’t as good as the first six.

7 responses to “Dak Prescott finds fresh motivation in “slump” talk

  1. Haha I knew he was gonna say something like he was glad this is happening. Same old song. Every time things get unraveled, dak always says things like he’s happy this happened, or this is just what they needed. But to say they’re always doubted? Come on, now. This team is put on a pedestal every off-season so why is he saying that they’re always doubted?

  2. Guy whines for three seasons about not getting paid enough and now he needs motivation?

    And a guy who’s won all of one playoff game in 5 years has a chip on his shoulder for being doubted? When he’s been playing poorly?

    This is a “never going to be great” player. Has come up lacking in every test of it so far.

  3. Slump? You’ve been overrated for years. Now you are just being honestly reported. The fact that you cannot handle coverage downfield as pressure is applied speaks volumes about how awful that coaching staff has been toward you – that problem has persisted as long as you have been a QB in the NFL. You’ve been exposed this year – blitzing is not needed to control you – just good coverage and enough pressure to contain you from running. You’ve lost a step or more in your rushing as well. I’d say your ability to function in the NFL is all predicated on how bad your opponent is. Against above average defenses, you are toast.

  4. Lots of salty NFC East fans posting here, I see! I’m so sorry that Dak continues to kick all of your butts every time he lines up against you, WSH, PHI and NYG. Dak owns you all.

  5. As a Cowboys fan what I’m seeing isn’t worth what they’re paying him. Between him and Elliott they have overpaid dearly.

  6. footballlarry says:
    As a Cowboys fan what I’m seeing isn’t worth what they’re paying him. Between him and Elliott they have overpaid dearly.

    Add DeMarcus Lawrence to that list and you have three undeniably talented guys whose play has nevertheless been up and down, who all seem to be injured of late, and together account for a staggering portion of Dallas’ salary cap space.

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