Darrell Bevell: Urban Meyer left before last night meetings and didn’t return

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Like the Springsteen song about the guy with a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack, Urban Meyer went out for a ride and he never went back.

In his first press conference at the interim head coach of the Jaguars, Darrell Bevell said that Meyer left before last night’s meetings and didn’t return. Bevell also said that the coaches met and worked on game planning without Meyer. Bevell added that the other coaches didn’t know what had happened until late last night, when G.M. Trent Baalke told Bevell that Meyer was out and Bevell was in.

Frankly, Meyer’s absence may not have set off any alarms among the staff. One of the complaints that had been making the rounds about the failed first-year coach was that he left the office early, allowing others to work while he didn’t.

Bevell also went out of his way to praise the rest of the staff, and he had this to say about running back James Robinson, the focal point of one of the final Meyer dramas as it relates to the curious benching of Robinson.

“James Robinson is our starting running back, and he will played as such,” Bevell said.

Bevell declined to delve into the disconnect between Meyer and his colleagues, deferring it possibly to a proper moment in the future. But it’s clear that Meyer’s firing has provided an energy that previously wasn’t there.

Indeed, the press conference began with a reporter pointing out that Bevell has a really good chance to finish the season with more career wins than Meyer. Bevell, for his part, smiled and laughed before waving his hand and pointing out that he has nothing to say to that.

34 responses to “Darrell Bevell: Urban Meyer left before last night meetings and didn’t return

  1. Not a shock that his tenure was a nightmare. Teams with bad owners usually make bad coaching hires and the fans of the teams are the ones that suffer most. How did everyone know that Meyer was a terrible hire but Khan did not? Best thing is for him to sell to someone that knows what they’re doing.

  2. Just watched the Bevell introductory press conference. He comes across as a decent, mature, humble human being. The Jaguars organization just made a quantum leap forward ridding themselves of He Who Shall Not Be Named.

  3. I understand coaching is a fraternity, but he will never coach again in the NFL; but I for one as a coach or player would put this guy on blast so he could never treat another program like that.

  4. Well Urban was a disaster but the other ones before him were really not any better. That speaks to ownership.

  5. Time for the Jags to start fresh. Next move should be to trade Trevor Lawrence to Minnesota! 🙂

  6. Being a successful owner is not something that comes naturally. Learning on the job requires picking the right advisors, and Khan, for all his apparently good intentions, has failed miserably to date. But he can still redeem himself and the franchise. He really needs to surround himself with people who know what they are doing and are loyal to the franchise. (And I am a fan of a very successful franchise in the northeast, which shall not be named!)

  7. It would have been polite if Meyer said goodbye and good luck to the assistant coaches and/or the team. Apparently, he couldn’t wait to leave and the team was glad to see him go. Makes you wonder how he succeeded on the college level.

  8. Bevel is a good coach. He deserved a longer look at head coach of the Detroit Lions after his intern stint was up.

  9. You can’t necessarily blame Khan for all of this. I mean, you can because he’s the owner and it’s his team. But if you look at this from a pure business perspective he can’t be faulted. He knows he needs to drum up hype for his franchise and on paper the Meyer hire checked off a lot of boxes

    -big name coach
    -coached the local University and hometown hero Tebow to a BCS title
    -giving said coach the #1 overall pick to get his QB

    He knew it was a gamble on a college coach whether it ended like Petrino or was as successful as Jim Harbaugh. Seemed like a decent risk (at the time) just to get some hype going. Losses would have been one thing, but the public drama was something I don’t think he could have predicted.

    It’s also entirely possible he should have seen it coming since Meyer had his share of shenanigans at the college level. At the NFL level, all that gets amplified by 100.

  10. SO Khan being Khan will bypass Bienemy and Leftwich to go with another retread, the press says Peterson/McDaniel I say Khan is so clueless he’s going to reach out to Jim Tressell or Eric Mangini.

  11. Urban Meyer is typical of many college football coaches. He was a dictator as a college coach, but found out in the NFL he could not be that.
    The Jaguars are a total disaster and their owner is as big of a part in the mess as anyone. It’s obvious he has no clue on how to run a football organization. He needs to find the best GM he can find and turn the whole thing over to him and get the heck out of his way. Otherwise this revolving door of garbage football will continue.

  12. I don’t understand why this would surprise ANYONE. Urban hasn’t left a job on good terms since he left Utah. He’s a garbage human.

  13. Rhamondre Stevenson Fumbles and Bill Bellichek benches him, and it’s praised as great coaching. James Robinson fumbles, Urban benches him, he’s 2nd guessed

  14. The ex kicker came off to me as a liar. As far as urban, Jacksonville lacks talent, alot of it and from what I’ve seen and heard character is missing big time also, urban Myers fit it perfectly.

  15. No one with any self-respect is going to want to work for Shad Khan. He needs to sell the team.

  16. If you make it to the one yard line, hand it off Darrell. Interceptions down there suck, especially in the Super Bowl

  17. Being a successful owner is not something that comes naturally. He really needs to surround himself with people who know what they are doing


    Hiring Urban Meyer as coach and Trent Baalke as GM would seem to indicate he probably should relieve himself of all operational decisions going forward

  18. In the end, the only way for The Master of Motivation to motivate the team was for him to walk away and never come back.

  19. The last thing Khan wants now is a winner in Jax. That would complicate the inevitable move to London once he and the rest of the owners have their ducks lined up.

  20. Yet again..it will be an attractive job, just like last year..only this year they have a QB.
    This team is not as awful as most think. Just woefully under coached.
    Go Jags!

  21. Do you all not realize that Urban Mayers has never won with his own players. Each and every time he has won has been from another coaches players. Florida and Ohio State!!

    When he starts getting his players playing after recruiting and he starts losing then he gets sick and wants to quit!

  22. Urban couldn’t face the coaches. You know – the ‘losers’that kept their jobs, whilst he lost his…

  23. That handshake moment with Vrabel following the Titans game said a whole lot. (Meyer’s reaction is a meme but Vrabel sure wasn’t sticking around to chat. Very clear they hate each other.) Those guys coached together at Ohio State where they lost 3 games in 3 years and won a national title. If guys who had that much success with him still don’t like him imagine how horrific working under him for the Jags must have been.

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