Kenny Pickett will not play in Peach Bowl

2021 ACC Championship - Pittsburgh v Wake Forest
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Kenny Pickett has played his final game for the University of Pittsburgh.

Pickett, who could be the first quarterback off the board on draft day, announced Thursday night he will not play in the Peach Bowl. The Heisman Trophy finalist will stay with the team to help the Panthers prepare for Michigan State on Dec. 30 but won’t dress.

After five seasons, Pickett leaves Pitt with every major passing record in school history. He passed for 12,303 yards and 81 touchdowns. Dan Marino passed for 8,597 yards and 79 touchdowns in his career at Pitt.

In 2021, Pickett passed for 4,319 yards and 42 touchdowns and earned ACC player of the year.

17 responses to “Kenny Pickett will not play in Peach Bowl

  1. Just a couple weeks ago he said he would play in whatever bowl Pitt made. Not very cool thing to do to his teammates.

  2. Back in the day, none of these guys pulled this stunt. The money now is so huge, these guys can’t afford to get hurt, especially if they’re going to be a first round pick. Can’t blame them, but it waters down the bowl games. I’m just waiting for some clown to do this while his team is in the 4 team playoff. It’s bound to happen some day

  3. His offensive coordinator is gone, and he has millions of dollars coming his way in the draft unless he has a catastrophic injury. The Peach Bowl is an exhibition game. It’s a smart business decision. Would you risk $20M to play in an exhibition game?

  4. * Red Flag Alert *

    Name your top 10 QBs all time…how many of them skipped their final bowl game…?

    This guy doesn’t love football…and doesn’t have the heart to be one of the best…this is an easy one GMs…

  5. Anybody questioning his decision is an idiot. Why risk your career for a meaningless bowl game? Jaylon Smith was never the same after his bowl game injury. Forget unless bowl games.

  6. Bowl games are corporate advertising vessels that does nothing in the grand scheme of things,,, if you’re not playing in the playoffs then what’s the purpose???

  7. Only 3 bowl games count. Bama vs Cincii/Georgia vs Michigan and the Title game, the rest are meaningless money grabs no future NFL player needs to play in. The entire point of college ball for these guys is to get drafted. Once they’re a lock for that, they’ve got absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing in pointless, meaningless exhibition games designed to make TV people rich.

  8. charliecharger says:
    December 16, 2021 at 9:53 pm
    He could be the #1 overall pick.


    Doubtful, but a first rounder for sure.

  9. He’s making this move due to it being a very weak QB class. In a normal year where he wouldn’t be a 1st rounder he would still be playing to improve his draft stock against a solid opponent.

  10. charliecharger says:
    He doesn’t need to play. He could be the #1 overall pick.
    In what universe? The safer bets are either Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson and Oregon’s Kayvon Thibodeaux. I’d be surprised if Pickett, or any QB, goes top 5.

  11. Pickett is a smart man. His draft value will not be any higher than it is right now. Why risk your career to please a bunch of commenters on PFT?

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