Matt Ryan working to extend Falcons’ opportunity to stay relevant

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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The Falcons haven’t made the playoffs since 2017 and they’ve been well out of the race for postseason berths in the final weeks of the last few years, so it has been a while since quarterback Matt Ryan was part of a team with relevance late in a season.

Ryan’s on one now and he’d prefer it stay that way a little bit longer. The Falcons are one of five 6-7 NFC teams heading into Week 15 of the regular season and they are facing the lone 7-6 team in the conference this weekend.

A win over the 49ers doesn’t guarantee anything other than being in the mix for at least one more week, but Ryan said Wednesday that is all the team is focused on doing.

“It’s very significant,” Ryan said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “For us as a team, they’re all going to be this way moving forward if we handle our business. We understand the position we’re in, but we also know, you can’t control the next three games. It’s really just about taking care of business this week. Extending our opportunity to be relevant. I’m excited about that. It’s fun to be this time of the year, to be in games that matter and games that have consequences, and I’m excited for that opportunity.”

Little about the Falcons’ resume screams playoff team, but, as the saying goes, you are what your record says you are and the Falcons’ record says they can’t be ignored when it comes to discussions about who will be playing beyond Week 18.

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  1. Ryan is saying what he has to say, but realistically ATL just isn’t a playoff caliber squad

    He’ll be looking up from his backside at #97 all day Sunday, Niners 30 ATL 17

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