NFL announces updated COVID-19 protocols

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A large outbreak of positive COVID-19 tests around the league has led to changes in protocols for Week 15 as the NFL and NFL Players Association continue to discuss further modifications.

In a memo sent to all 32 teams, the league said that in-person meetings will not be allowed unless they are held outside or in practice bubbles large enough to allow for distancing between participants. All players, whether they are vaccinated or not, must wear masks when indoors at team facilities and food service in team facilities will shift to a grab-and-go model with no groups of players or staff allowed to dine together.

The new protocols also call for players on road trips to remain in the team hotel and they are no longer able to entertain visitors on the road. Gatherings of three or more members of an organization outside the team facilities while at home have also been prohibited and there are other limitations on what players can do socially.

Those protocols are similar to the ones used during the 2020 season, but the league has also announced a change to how vaccinated players and staff can return to the team before a 10-day isolation period is up. Two negative tests taken 24 hours apart was the standard in such cases, but the new protocols allow for asymptomatic individuals toa take two PCR tests, two Mesa tests, or one PCR and one Mesa test concurrently and return to work if they are negative or if the tests show a Cycle Threshold over 35.

28 responses to “NFL announces updated COVID-19 protocols

  1. What they should have done was punish the guy who was violating rules all season. Since they didnt make an example out of Rodgers, they let all the players know that the rules were not important.

    And now Covid is running wild across the league.

  2. Bruce Arians already doesn’t allow Bucs players to leave their hotel on road trips. They’ve had some cases (as expected) but no outbreaks.

  3. kenmasters34 says:
    December 16, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    “And now Covid is running wild across the league.”

    Yeah, it’s all because of the unvaccinated, right? Do you know that Rodgers therapy actually did exactly what it’s supposed to do- kill his infection? You can’t say that for the vaccines. The infect/transmit ratio between the vaccinated and unvaccinated is pretty much the same.

  4. Weren’t the rules collectively agreed upon. Does the NFL have the authority to change the rules without approval from the NFLPA?

  5. Thanks for taking my call Roger. Glad we could make decisions that will help us finish the year strong. I know we are both swamped due to closing the books for the fiscal, but next time let’s discuss taunting and getting a team in Oklahoma.

  6. I would get rid of testing unless someone has symptoms. Most are asymptomatic and without testing we would never know they had covid. Covid has little effect in healthy individuals, much less healthy and vaccinated. No need for any more protocols.

  7. Yeah, these protocols the NFL and the rest of us peons have been following are proving to be nonsense but the folks who bought into them and came up with them have to double down on their arguments because it’s easier than admitting they were wrong.

  8. You can bet these new protocols are because of the effect that these infections are having on gambling and fantasy.

  9. Given what might be coming in the new year in terms of a spike, I think they will make the protocols even tougher for the playoffs. The NFL will not want to move any games and absolutely not the Super Bowl. We are about to see a real lock down.

    BTW, I agree with the comment about this all being blamed on the unvaccinated. No industry had a higher vaccination percentage than the NFL and yet it is breaking out all over. It might just be time to start treating this like the flu and recognize that people under 65 and especially athletic people have very little risk beyond a few days felling crappy.

  10. Omicron is a much more infectious version of covid. Hopefully though it’s the beginning of the end. If it turns out not to be too harmful then it might be the way we get out of this nonsense as everyone will catch a less damaging version. Oh and I’m not just being a sheep, I have to research the science to come up with rules for the 100 people I have responsibility for so I read all the data.

  11. Leave it to commenters to make me hold my nose and appreciate the NFL administration. Football is probably the one thing that we can all enjoy. Let’s applaud efforts to keep it available, rather than projecting views gained from sticking one’s head in the ground. Or worse.

  12. So fill the stands because it’s outdoor, but make an outdoor sport more strict than NBA which is an indoor sport. What a disaster. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves on how this is being handled. So how about instead of requiring 2 negative results 24 hours apart, how about requiring 2 Positive tests before declaring a player to be placed on the Covid Protocol list? And full disclose the percentage of false positives the NFL is seeing to have a measuring stick of if testing is truly even having any impact at all on keeping NFL players safe, which is the goal, right? Maybe the NFL’s goal is actually to give a perception of player safety integrity by deflating rosters by 50% or greater.

  13. I feel this is from people traveling from Thanksgiving, people bringing it back home and slowly spreading it, and thats why it is important for people even if healthy to get tested if its available if you plan on spending holidays with others you dont live with.

    These are top tier athletes, have amazing medical care and healthier than most, but I promise they have relatives and friends that are in serious danger if they get sick, because they didnt get tested and feel fine.

  14. At some point COVID-19 will need to be treated as a common cold or flu: If you feel sick, stay home. Testing has to stop or this circus will never end. And get vaccinated if you want to, who cares honestly.

  15. Think it’s bad now, wait until a week or so after New Year’s for the infection numbers to come out.

  16. Indoor Stadiums should be donated to their respective states as central quarantine locations to triage and treat the sick… if its truly as serious as they say.

  17. Brady could test positive every week and Goodell wouldnt keep him out of any games 100 percent guaranteed

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