Tom Brady tries to avoid losing four straight regular-season games to Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has never lost to any team four straight times in the regular season. On Sunday night, he’ll try to avoid that happening against the Saints.

Yes, the Saints have a 3-0 record in the regular season against Brady during his time with the Buccaneers. (The Bucs won their postseason meeting in January.) And even thought Tampa Bay comes in as an 11-point favorite on Sunday night, Brady is leery.

“They’re just a great team, so at the end of the day you’ve got to play great to beat great teams,” Brady told reporters on Thursday. “There are different things that they’ve faced, I think a lot of injuries this year. On defense, they’re not injured now. They’ve got a great defense. They’ve got a great, powerful front, they’ve played together a long time. It’s been one of the top defenses in the league. [Defensive coordinator] Dennis Allen does a great job preparing those guys. They’re just a very fundamentally sound defense, they make you earn it. We’ve got to make the right throws, we’ve got to make the right catches, we’ve got to make the right reads in the run game. You can’t have penalties and put yourself behind the sticks. You’ve got to convert on third down. I think they’re the top team in the red area so they’re very difficult to score points against. It’s a tough defense.”

The defense has given Brady fits. The New Orleans offense has been banged up, but it’s getting a little healthier.

In Week Eight, the Saints beat the Bucs after starting quarterback Jameis Winston exited with a knee injury and Trevor Siemian got the job done. If the 6-7 Saints hope to climb back into the wild-card playoff chase, they need to extend their regular-season record against Brady’s Buccaneers to 4-0.

13 responses to “Tom Brady tries to avoid losing four straight regular-season games to Saints

  1. See Kendrick Bourne? That’s the patriot way. Nothing but praise for your opponent leading up to the game.

  2. Tom talking about the Saints like they’re undefeated or something. Tampa should handle them easily.

  3. PFT loves the Steelers says:
    December 16, 2021 at 11:30 pm
    Saints own Brady just like the Giants.

    The last time the Giants beat a team QB by Brady was 10 years ago. Yes it was a SB but it was TEN years ago. Not sure that qualifies as “owning someone “

  4. PFT loves the Steelers says:
    Saints own Brady just like the Giants.
    Did you watch the playoffs last year?

  5. In both superbowls that Tom Brady lost to the giants Brady left the field with the lead. The giants beat the Patriots defense r o win those games.

  6. Yep that d has given him fits even with the best star power he has ever had. He turns the ball over against them like nobody else. Heck what was the last team to keep Tom to three points?

  7. Lose to the Saints and go to the SB. The Saints can have beating the Bucs their SB.

    The Saints lead the all time series 38-22 so no beating them is not their SB, it’s far too much of a common occurrence for that.

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