Unhappy Bills fans donate to local charity for the visually impaired


The real mafia collects envelopes. The Bills Mafia hands them out.

Via the Buffalo News, Bills fans unhappy with bad calls in Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers have begun donating money to a local charity for the visually impaired, a slap at the alleged optical impairment of the officials assigned to the game.

Visually Impaired Advancement has collected more than $40,000, with $17 (Josh Allen’s number) once again being the typical amount of the donation. Another popular amount has become $14, reflecting the number worn by receiver Stefon Diggs. Diggs, on a key play late in the game, arguably was interfered with in the end zone.

VIA welcomes the donations.

“While we recognize that NFL referees are not visually impaired, $17 makes an impact on VIA to help individuals who are visually impaired,” VIA tweeted.

If officials were visually impaired, they’d have a better excuse for their repeated and consistent mistakes. We delved into the questionable calls from Bills-Bucs and other Week 14 games in the latest edition of After Further Review on PFT Live.

35 responses to “Unhappy Bills fans donate to local charity for the visually impaired

  1. When you see the scoped out angle where 4 different refs had an unimpeded view of Stefon Diggs jersey being ripped off him on the play in the end zone that would have set the Bills up with 1st and goal at the 1 with 25 seconds left; makes it impossible to believe the refs wanted a specific outcome to the match.

    Especially after Evan’s pulling Wallace in for hug is a DPI, a few minutes later in OT. 3 other terrible non calls earlier that would have benefitted the Bills.

  2. LOL!

    This kind of whining and excuse making is what paper tiger teams do.

    Every team gets bad calls, some certainly worse than others, but Buffalo isn’t one of those teams. They’re a media darling. Goodell would love nothing more than to make sure Buffalo beats NE.

  3. Reality check, Buffalo did not lose because of a couple of bad calls/no calls… they lost because they sucked for a lot of that game.

  4. Bills fans are the most charitable fans in the NFL. No argument there. Also, I believe they gave over $100,000 to Bills Tre’Davious White’s Food Bank in his hometown last month and his ACL injury.

  5. Bills fans are some of the most creative fans in how they express their joy and disappointment.

  6. The officiating taints the game for both teams. I seriously doubt the Bucs don’t think at least for a moment they were lucky you win that game thanks to the officiating.

  7. There is a photo out there of an angle of the non-call in the end zone and 4 referees are in clear view of Diggs jersey getting ripped off his body with the ball in the air.

  8. buffalobluecollarlunchbucket56 says:
    December 16, 2021 at 9:47 am
    The Bills typically have to beat both their opponent and the officials.
    Oh, here we go. . .
    The Bill’s Nose Dive Chorus’ annual performance of Woe is Us.
    I love this time of the year.

  9. Isn’t this a slap in the face to this charitable organization? They are basically saying, we feel the refs are blind that’s why we lost, so this is the only reason we are donating to your charity……….why to go Bill’s fans!!! Want any cheese with your whine?

  10. As a Patriots fan I understand your frustration with the officiating as we had to deal with it for years…. Unfortunately when you start winning it gets even worse, they (THE LEAGUE), invent stories & scandals to STEAL draft pics….just letting you know it could be worse!!!

  11. Bills fans… seriously… let it go. PI calls are judgement calls. They will always be controversial. Chris Simms explained the reason the flag wasn’t thrown was because The receiver initiated the contact, the ball was poorly thrown, and both the defender and receiver got tangled up. Maybe some refs would flag that. Some won’t. Unfortunately the reality is that calls like that are judgement calls. They go either way.

    But here’s the real thing…if the Bills were not downright awful the entire first half, it would never come down to that call. The Bills were bad. Extremely bad in that first half. That is the reason they lost and deserved to lose. One controversial PI call is not the reason for that loss.

  12. Calls always go against the Bills. Like that vicious push by Miles Bryant of the Patriots. Josh had almost made it to the sideline! And all they gave Bryant was a 15 yard penalty. No suspension.

  13. There is a photo out there of an angle of the non-call in the end zone and 4 referees are in clear view of Diggs jersey getting ripped off his body with the ball in the air.


    Each ref has a specific part of the field he has to watch. Those four refs are not all looking at Diggs run a route, most likely just one or maybe two are watching that area of the field. And if one of those refs is watching another WR run his route, or looks another direction for a second, he might not see it.

    And it all happens at game speed, once. Its not slowed down, its not on instant replay, the ref doesnt have a different angle than the one he is standing in.

    Bad calls happen. They always have. They always will.

  14. Most fans complain about the officiating, especially when a game is close….and especially if their team loses.

    Missed calls happen in EVERY game. the only way to make sure that the refs don’t play too big a role is to win by a big margin.

  15. They grappled Gronk all night and the Bucs gave them two quarters window to win. Losing team somehow always blame the refs or Brady paying off the refs. Get real. Brady is still dangerous in his old age. Don’t give him even a minute to win. You think teams know that by now, sheesh!

  16. This is why Buffalo should always have an NFL team. Bills fans are consistently the most compassionate and entertaining. Voicing your outrage at NFL refs by donating to charity should be the norm everywhere. Also – unlike screaming into the heavens, this outrage is quantifiable and that gets attention. The higher the total of the VIA donation, the more pressure there is on the NFL to fix this problem (for everyone).

  17. You got to love some of the hate towards the bills fans and the team. Even though the Bills took last years Superbowl winners on the road to overtime, apparently they suck. The week before they lost to the 1st place team in the AFC in the last few minutes but they suck! I think some fans are scared of them. But that’s ok Bill’s fans are use to it. Hopefully when we win the Superbowl this year the same haters will be yelling how we got lucky, or didn’t deserve it but I guess they will have to get over it.

  18. This is getting very old. Every single game has these type of calls That isn’t the reason you lost Buffalo, play for 60 minutes

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