Bruce Arians apparently has made decision about Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards

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On Monday, receiver Antonio Brown and safety Mike Edwards will be eligible to return to the team. Whether they are still on the team remains to be seen.

In a Friday press conference, coach Bruce Arians created the impression that he has made a decision about the future of these two players, both of whom were suspended three games for giving fake vaccination cards to the team.

“It’s just a matter of making a statement, and whether I do it before this game or after, we’ll wait and see,” Arians said. “But I don’t want anything distracting from this game.”

Meanwhile, Brown posted on social media a video of himself working out alone at the team facility, not long after Arians spoke. Some are interpreting that as a sign he won’t be cut. The more accurate explanation is that it’s a sign he hasn’t been cut yet. He and Edwards still have access to the facility during the suspension. That access will or won’t end on Monday.

The fact that Arians wants nothing to distract from the game could (key word: could) be regarded as a sign that they’ll be cut. Indeed, which outcome is more likely to cause a distraction? If Arians says they’ll be back, everyone will say “no crap” or words to that effect and keep going. If Arians declares that they’re gone, well, that’s a different story.

There’s a lingering belief that Brown will remain on the roster but will be placed on ice for the balance of the regular season, so that he won’t earn any of his incentives based on catches, yards, and touchdowns. Regardless, it looks as if Arians knows what he’s going to do — and when he’s going to let it be known.

35 responses to “Bruce Arians apparently has made decision about Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards

  1. Bruce Arians is not really the coach of that team and actually probably has no influence. Antonio Brown won’t go anywhere.

  2. Cut him please. That way my team can sign him for the rest of the year and playoffs lol. They’re not cutting AB. His numbers rival his career numbers. He’s a top 15 WR in the league still. Regardless of Arians bravado, he’s not stupid. It won’t happen.

  3. Brady will be leaving if Brown gets cut. It makes no sense to let Brown go when everyone knows another playoff team will sign him immediately.

  4. Bucs with ABrown > Bucs without ABrown. They have a chance to win a 2nd super bowl before Brady’s decline comes. Decision made.

  5. Putting him on ice for the remainder of the regular season would amount to a second suspension handled by the front office. If so, I hope their justification will not be monetary.

  6. A fan of the “leave him on ice” approach and deal with him after the season. Rather that than see him join another team for a playoff run.

  7. What a joke Arians is. He talks a big game but when push comes to shove if this was a practice squad player he would be gone. Double standards and a real bad look for him and the NFL commissioner also.

  8. What if AB knows of other players on the team who also got fake vaccination cards? No way he’s getting cut if that’s the case.

  9. birds of a feather says:
    December 17, 2021 at 2:05 pm
    If he’s a man of his word they will be cut.
    BA is a blowhard… Almost on the level of Rex Ryan. These are very rarely “men of their word”.

  10. Stop dragging this out and tell the football world that Brown is not going anywhere. Brady will not allow it.

  11. Next we’ll see Arians dancing around his previous “One strike and he’s out” statement with some sort of “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

  12. Meanwhile, Brown posted on social media a video of himself working out alone at the team facility, not long after Arians spoke.

    He still doesn’t get it. No need to put your whole life on social media.

  13. Evans will be cut to show people that Arians is the Boss, but Brown will stay because Brady is really the Boss.

  14. They’re not going to cut AB, because another WR-needy team would likely pick him up. The smart move would be to keep him and just barely play him, if at all…

  15. Curious as to what the incentives in his contract are. Are they all regular season based? Maybe put him on ice until the postseason. Bucs can win these next four weeks without him. You hurt him financially for what he did, and then you have him healthy and rested for the playoffs.

    Not saying it’s the right thing to do, but it’s a way to save face and show that you’re punishing him in some fashion while still giving your team the best chance to win.

  16. If he does not want it to distract from the game, I would lean toward him canning them both. Brady is a pragmatic guy and knew all along that if AB messed up he would be gone.

  17. Falsifying a vax card is a “criminal offense”? Where? On social media? Uh oh, all those high schoolers changing their “f’s” to “a’s” better get ready for jail….

    We all get he lied, but based on the current situation, it’s clear vaccines aren’t doing what we were promised. From that standpoint (aka logic) he’s don’t nothing wrong.

  18. “It’s just a matter of making a statement” – clearly it will be Tom Brady making the statement, not Arians. Oh, it may come out of Bruce’s lips, but it’s Tom’s decision all the way.

  19. Edwards would be the bigger deal, I think, as he’s a turnover machine and will take over as starter next year. Brown isn’t on the team in 22.

  20. The point of getting a shot was to prevent spreading covid on other players. Clearly it does not accomplish that anyway

  21. Probably just trying to make Brown and Edwards sweat it out not knowing if they’ll get cut or not. The more he threatens harsh punishment and draws it out, maybe they’ll take it as more serious of a break when he doesn’t cut them. Maybe he’ll give them a team suspension or 1 game benching or something just to look like he’s angry at them. I can’t imagine cutting them when they haven’t already just to go to a division rival.

  22. Oh it is a lock that they are back. Coach Tom’s decision. If you watched BA on DP show earlier this week it was obvious from BA’s body language. He looked down and to the left when answering the two questions. Which indicates discomfort and withholding the truth. Because he knows it will happen and is embarrassed to take him back after his blustery ‘no second chances’ statement.

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