Bucs add Tom Brady to practice report with a shoulder injury

NFL: DEC 12 Bills at Buccaneers
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Tom Brady had seven rushes for 16 yards and a touchdown on Sunday, prompting Bruce Arians to proclaim he’d seen “enough of that shit.” The Buccaneers quarterback agreed he needs to “get my ass on the ground.”

Brady’s running days likely are over.

The Bucs added Brady to the practice report Friday with a right shoulder injury. He was a full participant and has no designation.

Brady did not practice Wednesday, but the reason was listed as resting/non-injury.

Brady leads the league in attempts (554), completions (378), passing yards (4,134) and passing touchdowns (36). He is a favorite to win the league MVP award.

14 responses to “Bucs add Tom Brady to practice report with a shoulder injury

  1. Brady had a shoulder “injury” for his entire tenure with the Pats. I can’t believe you fell for this. Again.

  2. The fact of the matter is over time, the QBs that are known to “run” simply don’t last. Not for the season, and usually (not always) not for a long career. Brady’s 44 and as usual, he’s got his offense humming and he’s also a top candidate for NFL MVP. He is the only QB I have ever seen who will look at the sideline and tell them “NO” on running a certain play called. I think Brady will do what he needs (wants) to, but yes, he does need to focus on runs to get points or first downs only.

  3. As long as it’s not his throwing shoulder the Bucs will be just fine. Ring #8 coming up, or is it #9? He has so many of them I can’t keep track of the number. Whatever it is, I hope he gets another one and I hope our Wolverines can figure how to run against that amazing Georgia defensive line. Yikes! Go Brady and Go BLUE!!!

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