NFL moves Seahawks-Rams game to Tuesday

Los Angeles Rams vÊSeattle Seahawks
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There will be a pair of games on Tuesday night this week.

Shortly after word the league’s decision to move this week’s game between Washington and the Eagles to Tuesday broke, multiple reports followed with news that the Seahawks and Rams are also moving to that night.

According to those reports, the game will kick off at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. That’s the same time that Washington and Philadelphia will be playing and there has not been word yet on television plans for the two games.

The Rams have 21 players on their COVID-19 reserve list and they’ve put 20 of them on the list in the last week. Similar outbreaks led to the shift in the Washington game and the Raiders-Browns game originally scheduled for Saturday will now be played on Monday for the same reason.

UPDATE 3:17 p.m. ET: The NFL confirmed the new schedule and announced both games will be available on FOX and Sunday Ticket.

27 responses to “NFL moves Seahawks-Rams game to Tuesday

  1. Lame. Teams with no Covid issues getting punished with a shorter week because of teams with Covid issues. Play or forfeit.

  2. So the Packers losing to the Chiefs because of COVID issues does not matter now?

    The Packers played the Cardinals, Chiefs, and Vikings with 11 and 12 starters out.

    Seems fair.

  3. If the Seahawk’s players develop Covid issues by Monday/Tuesday & the Rams player’s get cleared, the game will be decidedly different.

  4. These games will only be shown on their local TV affiliates. You’ll need the Sunday Ticket if you’re outside of any of these regions.

  5. How does this not incent teams missing star players from just listing a whole bunch of scrubs as “close contacts” in a bid to get the game rescheduled in order to get them back?

  6. Totally not fair to teams fighting for playoff spots who have had to endure multiple missing key players.

  7. League Office: We’re moving 2 games because too many players tested positive.
    28 Other Teams: Ummm …

  8. EVERYONE knew this could happen. Teams should’ve taken proper precautions. If a team didn’t & got more infected that’s on the TEAM. The Eagles rnt having Covid problems but have to change their plans becos of Washington, etc?
    If anything have both games at different times.

  9. Meanwhile the NFL made the Colts play the Titans last year with half of the defensive starters out. More favoritism by the league as usual. The Colts never get these breaks.

  10. The Rams are almost run as poorly as the Jags. I look forward to many years ahead of them being a bottom 3 franchise again.

  11. NFL needs to immediately investigate fake vaccine cards by those teams with huge covid issues.

    Guaranteed there are multiple players on those teams with fake cards.

  12. This would NOT have happened if the Rams had been the responsible team and the Seahawks had ignored all protocols. Reward the Idiots!

  13. Wait. I thought the vaccine was amazing? If 98% are vaccinated then what is the issue? It’s the like the flue at this point! Time to live! And I am vaccinated!

  14. ghjjf says:
    December 17, 2021 at 3:55 pm
    This is all about money, player safety has never been a concern.

    Sorry, the NFL will lose millions by moving these games to the same time on Tuesday night. Not only will all fans be offered refunds (especially those that were set to travel to the original games) but the networks will have to pay all staff and tech crews for the off-days as well as keeping crews and gear on-site + hotels, meals and all else that is required to broadcast the games two days later among other costs to bear.

    This really may be about player safety, considering the NFLPA was a major player in the decision.

  15. The NFL is limping to the finish line. Last team standing in perfect health ,will win it all.

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