NFL, NFLPA discuss moving Raiders-Browns game

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With plenty of Browns players positive for COVID but also vaccinated and asymptomatic, the NFL apparently is softening in its “no postponements” stance.

Via ESPN, the NFL and NFL Players Association are discussing the possibility of moving Saturday’s game between the Raiders and Browns, possibly to Monday or Tuesday. The Raiders, who are preparing to travel to Ohio, have been told to wait.

ESPN also reports that the Raiders are lobbying for a forfeit, citing protocols from earlier this year requiring teams with outbreaks to take the L. That’s not the case, however; forfeits were put on the table only for outbreaks among the unvaccinated. There’s no indication the current Cleveland outbreak resulted from anyone other than vaccinated players.

Jay Glazer of Fox confirms that the Raiders have been told to wait for further word.

The specific challenge arising from Raiders-Browns comes from the fact that it’s one of the exclusive NFL Network games. The game must be played to meet the league’s minimum required amount that supports the monthly fees charges by cable, satellite, and streaming companies. Thus, the league would need to move it to a window that allows it to be televised on a stand-alone basis, as the first half of a Monday doubleheader (for example) or on a Tuesday night.

Tuesday becomes a potential issue for the Browns because they’re due to play the Packers the following Saturday. That’s the same turnaround as Sunday to Thursday.

The league has resisted moving the game, but the ongoing torrent of positive, vaccinated, asymptomatic players has created a situation in which players who are healthy enough to play are being kept from playing, undermining the competitive integrity of the games. As much as the league doesn’t want to do it, the right thing to do is to move the game.

22 responses to “NFL, NFLPA discuss moving Raiders-Browns game

  1. “ESPN also reports that the Raiders are lobbying for a forfeit”

    The Raiders are this desperate to get a win?

  2. Forfeit? The Raiders think this is Little League baseball. This ain’t intermurals brother. It’s NFL football!

  3. The only reason asymptomatic players cannot play is to protect the unvaccinated. Keep the game on Saturday, let vaccinated players play and unvaccinated players for the Browns only become a healthy scratch. Raiders unvaccinated, play at your own risk. That’s the best solution.

  4. There’s no indication the current Cleveland outbreak resulted from anyone other than vaccinated players.


    Absent stiffing a personal chef, the NFL doesn’t want to know anything about unvaccinated players as they would then be required to do something. I am guessing ZERO vaccine cards have been checked?

  5. I can’t even imagine the howling from some Packer fans if Cleveland is forced to forfeit, then comes out angry… but rested… and beats Green Bay.

    It’d be the same way with any teams. Legitimate gripe?

  6. “The Raiders are being told to wait” Sounds like the decision has already been made.

  7. If everyone eligible in the USA were vaccinated, this would be a non issue.

    They should just stop testing and let people play.

    You want to die? It’s your choice.

    PS: The only real issue is kids that are too young to immunize. But we have been giving kids shots for 60 plus years and that has saved untold lives. So that’s coming and then we can just move on.

  8. “…forfeits were put on the table only for outbreaks among the unvaccinated.”

    Now there’s a distinction without a difference, premised on assumptions about vaccine preventing transmission.

    The national health and medical cabal has twisted a willing NFL into knots.

  9. Now that this is confirmed to be postponed… the NFL has an even BIGGER problem on their hands.

    Because a ton of teams not in the intensive protocols are going to report massive amounts of positives next Monday and Tuesday. What do you do THEN?

    They could have taken a stand and let well vaccinated players play. And be done with this once and for all.

    Instead, because of institutional inertia and fear of being “irresponsible” they are creating a worse problem.

  10. And may I add that Tampa Bay doesn’t have a substantial outbreak because, well, the team’s home is in Florida! It has nothing to do with Arians’s on-the-road hotel policy. Oh, wait! Maybe HE has identified the problem! And it’s not Florida!

  11. TOTAL CRAP!! Field a team or forfeit! Why change the rules now. Not fair to the other teams that faced similar issues earlier in the year.

  12. You can’t do this. You made NE play last year in KC and cheated again. You can’t change the rules to help other teams.

  13. But are they actually vaccinated? Maybe the reason covid is running rampant is because a large number of players pulled an Antonio Brown. Only AB was dumb enough to get himself (and his cohorts) caught.

  14. If a vaccinated player tests positive but has no symptoms they should be allowed to play. Zero reason for them not being able to play.

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