NFL-NFLPA discussing further modifications of COVID protocols

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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The NFL agreed to postpone three games this week, and the union agreed to work on further modifications of the COVID-19 protocols, according to a source.

The NFL wants to make it easier for teams with COVID issues to field sufficient players by shortening the time period for the return of a vaccinated, asymptomatic player who has tested positive.

With the Omicron variant more contagious but causing less illness, the NFL-NFLPA protocols have become outdated. The challenge is to move quickly to a new, practical model that allows vaccinated, asymptomatic players to play, even if still technically positive.

“The emergence of the Omicron variant is precisely the kind of change that warrants a flexible response,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a memo to the 32 teams Friday.

The NFL postponed three games this weekend with the Raiders playing at Cleveland on Monday at 5 p.m. ET; the Washington at Philadelphia game will kickoff Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET; and the Seattle at Rams game also has moved to 7 p.m. ET Tuesday.

20 responses to “NFL-NFLPA discussing further modifications of COVID protocols

  1. Now Roger is flexible after 3 teams have a third of their rosters with Covid? It was more important to get game 17 than plan ahead for this very scenario. Zero props to him

  2. Just let vaccinated players play.

    Anyone who has symptoms has to get tested. Anyone without.. nope.

  3. I’ll take “things that were discussed too late” for $800, Alex. Also, for double jeopardy…. You can’t put this back in the tube…

  4. Why does it matter is a player is vaccinated or not. Both still catch and spread it. Time to move on.

  5. Two questions:

    1. What about the health and safety of the fans and stadium workers?

    2. What if moving the dates to accommodate one team impacts key players on another team by subjecting them to additional pregame testing?

  6. Just quit testing. Problem solved. Whats the point of testing if their is a vaccine available?

    OK you just solved cancer. Don’t test for it. Please!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why are vaccinated, asymptomatic players being tested anyway? If the vaccine truly works, then they are not in danger, right? At least that’s what our very trustworthy leaders in the government say.

  8. Vaccines don’t work this way.

    All the testing is hilarious at this point. Either the jab works or it doesn’t. Neither choice is easy for those who went all in on the current govt suggested protocols.

    Merry Christmas yall.

  9. Let them all play, if you’re sick you don’t play. A systematic people don’t pass covid. These test are a joke. The PCR Tests are being banned January 1st. Because they don’t work. If people knew what they are exposed to on a daily basis they wouldn’t leave their home. Live life and go with your business.

  10. I agree, if these players and staffs are vaccinated what’s the issue? It’s proven you can still get and transmit COVID vaxxed or not. If a player feels sick, they sit. If they feel fine go for it. They travel on planes in close proximity and fans are in enclosed stadiums vaxxed or not, masked or unmasked. I’m confused what the big deal is? We all know money drives all of this. Or has the NFL adopted a Colin Kaepernick mentality? Let me make it seem like I’m doing something for others…when I’m really just doing it for myself…

  11. Postponing games two days won’t make up for the league’s lax protocols. The league needs to mandate vaccinations for all players and staffs. Washington has 21 payers out, including both of the top QBs, and the Rams have 29 out. And it’s getting worse by the day. The season is in jeopardy unless the league gets tough.

  12. Any modification should include validation of the vaccine cards. It should no longer be assumed that a player turned in a valid card.

  13. Any player who tests positive and can’t play is hurting his team, and he should be docked his game days paycheck as long as he is out. Its a TEAM sport… not an individual one. Its outrageous for players who earn millions a game to jeopardize the entire season for all their teammates. Get VAXXED.. OR SIT.. WITHOUT PAY. I bet that would change the attitudes of many.

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