Players who return from positive COVID cases won’t be tested for rest of season

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There’s a silver lining, thin as it may be, arising from the ongoing rash of positive COVID results for NFL teams. When those players return to play, they won’t be subject to testing again for the rest of the season.

Vaccinated or not, a 90-day testing holiday will apply to all of them. With the Super Bowl fewer than two months away, it means that none of the players who have tested positive this week — more than 150 in all — will be subject to testing or, for unvaccinated players, a five-day absence arising from close contact with an infected person.

That’s the hidden benefit of having the Omicron variant sweep through locker rooms and facilities. Every player who tests positive, from now through the end of the season, won’t be tested again through the end of the season. So they’ll be good to go, for the rest of the regular season and all of the postseason.

34 responses to “Players who return from positive COVID cases won’t be tested for rest of season

  1. This has to be a joke. People can and do get it twice. What the heck are you all thinking??

  2. I have in the nearly two years searched with effort but have seen nothing quantitative about Type I (false positive) errors when, in fact, the dominant issue is the Type II (false negative) error. Be that as it may, a positive test is no assurance of infection that has a time limit through listing and quarantine.

    The NFL is in the brine.

  3. Thank you legalized gambling…if you those covid was gonna spoil the money printing machine…think again…

  4. That is truly disgusting.

    Can’t wait to drop Roger and the oligarchs forever. Will definitely start at the beginning of the “playoffs.”

  5. So a team in playoff contention should expose every vaccinated to omicron covid after a sunday game, then will get everyone back by walkthrough day and then have zero worries for the rest of the season based on these rules and logic.

  6. Why ? there is no scientific proof just how long ones body antibodies are good for it varies once again the NFL pulls a fast one everybody needs to be tested daily .
    Either take it seriously or fake it like what your doing with this everybody should be tested the new variant could be very different this is a joke .

  7. Let’s think about this. They already know that previous infection doesn’t protect against the Omicron variant. So for players who have gotten and will still get the Delta variant, this makes no sense.

    Florio and company are also heavily pushing letting asymptomatic players play too. That also defies commonsense. We’re supposed to trust players, coaches, team doctors to police themselves when the NFL and the teams won’t even check into fraudulent vaccination cards? Seriously, like the players aren’t going dope themselves up on OTC meds to appear asymptomatic. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of teams let players who are obviously sick play if the league goes down this rabbit hole.

  8. The NFL is acknowledging the reality of natural immunity by having the “testing holiday”. This whole episode of Covid in the NFL should be noticed throughout America and the many lessons from the league’s policies should be learned throughout the country. NFL, helping America

  9. Which ironically now means that there will be some attempts to fake positive tests for key players to ensure they’re available for the stretch run, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. For all we know, it’s already happening.

  10. Player availability, mandate manipulation, and regularly scheduled football games are at the top of the NFL and media’s priority lists. Health and safety must rank far below because nobody seems concerned about hospitalizations or deaths. Only the inconvenience of games not being played as scheduled.

    From 2020-2021, how many NFL employees, player or staff, have been hospitalized or have gotten severely ill, vaccination or not? It’s about time we start being honest about this virus and these vaccines.

  11. So does anotino brown get those threes games back!?

    I mean just look at the Kyrie Fiasco

  12. The virus isn’t going anywhere. It – in whatever mutated forms it takes down the road – is here to stay to some degree or another.

    The only truth here is that we have to figure out how to live (and yes, in some cases, die) with it.

    There’s simply no getting around it anymore – in fact, there never was.

    So now the question becomes how do we want/choose to live with it?

  13. This is a risk-benefit calculation on the NFL’s part…there isn’t enough evidence of the risk of infection of ANY variant following a positive COVID test (which might just be a false positive) to warrant this change. Once again the NFL is putting player’s health at risk for the almighty dollar.

  14. Lamar Jackson got it twice in less than a calendar year.
    Kadarious Toney got it twice in an even shorter period of time, first on July 22 and then this past Monday December 13.
    Natural immunity wanes just like immunity wanes with vaccination. As there is no clear indication how long immunity lasts for each specific person, having a blanket policy like this is misguided.

  15. Time to stop the testing altogether.
    The Omicron is here and since it is more transmissible and there are no shutdowns, etc., it is going to run rampant. Luckily it seems less deadly, South Africa reports one tenth the number of hospitalizations per hundred compared to the Delta. Most of the recent NFL positives don’t even feel sick.
    Like the flu, Covid and all its variants are here forever. Deal with it and put your tests away. Get vaccinated if you choose to protect yourself a bit for awhile.
    If a player feels sick, stay home.
    The pandemic is over, its endemic now. There is weak and temporary protection but there is no prevention. Be brave, take courage, and carry on because there is nothing to be done.

  16. I know we live in a post-truth world now but here’s what I found with 5 minutes of searching. This information is from the Cleveland Clinic, a well respected medical institution.

    Natural immunity from catching covid-19 lasts 60 to 90 days. That’s why the NFL is not testing for 90 days after a player recovers.

    That means natural immunity lasts for a much shorter time frame than being fully vaccinated. 3 versus 6-12 months.

    The clinic cites a study that shows that unvaccinated people are 2.34 times more likely to be reinfected with COVID-19 than those who are fully vaccinated.

    That helps me understand the policies a little better.

  17. I am sure a lot of people contracted Covid and never knew they had it. That’s because their immune system took care of it. My brother had it and never knew it until he gave blood. My 80-year old mom had it and didn’t know it. My guess is a lot more NFL players have had it than they realize….and probably more than once. Trying to use absolutes with Covid is about like putting your finger on a watermelon seed.

    This move by the NFL seems to be more about not affecting games so it doesn’t interfere with the money they make from betting on those games. Goodell will turn a blind eye to anything with money on the line.

  18. Not BuyingIt says:
    December 18, 2021 at 12:56 am
    Natural immunity enters the mainstream.


    Tell that to Kevin Durant who had Covid last year and just got it again.

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