Ron Rivera hopes Washington-Eagles game will be moved

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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Even before the Washington Football Team lost quarterback Taylor Heinecke to the COVID reserve list, coach Ron Rivera expressed optimism that his team would have more time to get guys back, especially with the league relaxing the protocols applicable to asymptomatic and vaccinated players who have tested positive.

Appearing on The Team 980, Rivera initially sidestepped the question of whether Washington had pushed for a postponement of Sunday’s game against the Eagles. Via Sam Fortier of the Washington Post, Rivera then noted that a game against the Steelers last year was bumped to Monday.

“Would another day help us?” Rivera said. “Possibly.”

Rivera also said that 80 percent of his players on the COVID list have no symptoms, “absolutely none.” He hopes that some of them will be able to return, given the new protocols that will make it easier for vaccinated and asymptomatic players to secure clearance to play.

However it plays out, it’s critical for the NFL and NFL Players Association to come up with practical protocols that protect the players from real illness without keeping them from playing when there’s no reason to do so.

3 responses to “Ron Rivera hopes Washington-Eagles game will be moved

  1. Changing the protocols doesn’t change the situation. You still have an ill person playing in a close contact sport. A vaccinated, asymptomatic person is just as contagious as an unvaccinated, symptomatic person. The difference between the two is who is sicker.

  2. One of my favorite coaches of all time, but– Hard to feel sorry for him. He pushed this protocol nonsense as much as anyone in the league.

  3. If the league ends up screwing some team like the Browns and not other teams, it’ll look bad, but like the NFL cares…

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