Seahawks-Rams, Washington-Eagles games could move to Tuesday

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The COVID-19 outbreak that’s hit the Rams and Washington this week could lead to some Tuesday football this week.

According to multiple reports, there are discussions about moving the Seahawks-Rams and Washington-Eagles games from Sunday to Tuesday.

The Rams have placed 25 players on the COVID-19 reserve list since Saturday, including cornerback Jalen Ramsey, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., and linebacker Von Miller. Washington is in a similar state of affairs with quarterback Taylor Heinicke and most of their defensive linemen among the players on their reserve list.

The news comes after word of talks about pushing Saturday’s Raiders-Browns game back because of a similar situation in Cleveland. Josina Anderson of USA Today Sports reports that the league will push that game to Monday, but there’s been no official announcement.

16 responses to “Seahawks-Rams, Washington-Eagles games could move to Tuesday

  1. So why even have so many practice squad players? There’s 21 extra players that do not play every week. Every one of these players practice and are with the team all week long. They played an entire season with scab players, I think they can play 1 game with practice squad players.

  2. This needs to happen. If a team has 25 players wiped out because of covid, and they have been vaxxed, what else are you supposed to do? It’s called flexibility. Something that every organization and person needs plenty of these days.

  3. Meanwhile, all the other teams that have had to deal with guys being out…. What’s the league response to them? Insanity! High risk people stay away, everyone else, play ball!

  4. Seems maybe they should need both team’s agreement to avoid giving advantage to one of the teams worse hit. If both agree, then suppose it is fine.

  5. I like the idea of watching games Friday-Tuesday. I’m not thrilled that with so many “weapons” on the potential Covid19 list that the Rams might get a reprieve by the game moving to Tuesday. However, I’m not sure that the result will be what everyone thinks will happen. More positive tests could result and the roster’s of both teams get further decimated.

    What a mess.

  6. First reaction: “Complete and utter nonsense! They have to stick to the original plan!”
    Second Reaction: “Tuesday Football? That might be kinda cool?”

  7. BS. Play the game.

    How is this fair to other teams that had to play backups to backups, not fair.

  8. Good. I want to see teams as strong as they can be at this point in the season go at it, not a couple extra pre-season games with playoff implications.

  9. Just don’t get tested and play football. So dangerous you need a test to know if you are “sick”.

  10. Health first. Reschedule for later- make it a double header in two weeks when they were scheduled to play ‘again’. OR even better …they can just play one game with 6 quarters and 2 halftimes- winner take all. (Yeah that’s crazy)

  11. This is kinda BS for the Eagles here. They have exactly ONE guy on the COVID list. But they get punished and have to wait for the WFT to be back at full strength AND get saddled with a short week now because their opponent got infected?

  12. Just think if everyone in America would just get vaccinated, the pandemic would be over and the NFL and the rest of us would not have to deal with any COVID related issues!
    Pretty simple-get vaccinated!

  13. BS. If a team can’t control their environment and reduce exposure/risk then they should not be given a reprieve. I know for a fact that one of the teams on this list made a mockery of the covid protocols and didn’t enforce jack.

  14. I thought the league made a statement before the season started that if a team couldn’t field a line up then it would be a forfeit.

  15. So what happens if a bunch of eagles players test positive on Sunday-Monday…is the tuesday game going to be postponed again? Or will they be forced to play B squad? hows that going to work?

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