Browns get Takk McKinley back from COVID-19 reserve, place James Hudson on COVID-19 reserve


The decision to move Saturday’s Raiders-Browns game to Monday came in part from a belief that new protocols making it easier for players to return from COVID-19 reserve would result in the Browns having more, not fewer, available players when the game is played.

On Saturday, the Browns activated defensive end Takk McKinley from COVID-19 reserve. However, that was balanced by the placement of tackle James Hudson III on the same list.

McKinley was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list four days ago, following a positive. This shows that, given the new protocols, players can indeed come back more quickly than ever.

Twenty members of the roster and three practice-squad players remain on COVID-19 reserve. The Browns surely hope others will emerge in the next two days, and that they will be able to play.

3 responses to “Browns get Takk McKinley back from COVID-19 reserve, place James Hudson on COVID-19 reserve

  1. With a lot of these players testing positive on days other than Monday. Does that mean they had symptoms to get tested? Missed Mondays test? Unvaccinated?

  2. So the Browns have made the Commissioner’s Pet list just like the Ravens and Chiefs last season, but the Broncos who had even more players out and both of their QB’s but were forced to play their scheduled game with a QB off of the practice squad.

    Anybody who says there isn’t favortism in the NFL is blind as a bat!

  3. If the Raiders were the team with a Covid outbreak, they would’ve been forced to play on Saturday. Players union President is the Browns center and Goodell has not been Raider friendly at all. NFL rules then you have special rules for the Raiders.

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