George Kittle: Trent Williams is the most talented player in the NFL, Pro Bowl voting is “insane”

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San Francisco offensive tackle Trent Williams did not do well in fan Pro Bowl voting, and his teammate, tight end George Kittle, was not happy about it.

Kittle called Williams’ snub in Pro Bowl voting a huge oversight that calls into question the credibility of the vote.

“The fact that Trent Williams is eighth in Pro Bowl voting is absolutely insane,” Kittle said. “He’s probably the most talented player in football. . . . The lack of respect that Trent Williams gets is outrageous. I know he gets highlights posted once in a while, but you watch the film, every single game, every single clip, he physically dominates the person across from him.”

A big problem for Williams is that his name is near the bottom of the ballot for offensive tackles, because the NFL decided to list names in alphabetical order. With offensive linemen, fans often just vote for the first names on the ballot they recognize and never even get down to the bottom of the ballot, where Williams’ name appears.

That’s a lousy way to pick a Pro Bowl team, and it’s unsurprising that Kittle isn’t happy about it.

35 responses to “George Kittle: Trent Williams is the most talented player in the NFL, Pro Bowl voting is “insane”

  1. Hey Kittle. Nobody watches the film. I know you’re sticking up for your guy. Nothing wrong with that. But, nobody knows who the best players are if they’re doing their evaluating over the phone.

  2. The opinion of one teammate does NOT make you the most talented player in football.when he starts bring in some awards for his play proving he is the best at what he does then and only then will he become the best player.

  3. So did i make a huge mistake voting for you Kittle 20 something times ? quit your crying fans are but 1/3 rd the vote if your right the players and coaches will get him in .

  4. Trent, Kirk, RG3, and the Gruden Bros.

    All victims of the Dan Snyder soul-crushing machine

  5. He may have a point. Two other long shots for “they’ll never win it but could be considered MVP” are Trent Brown and Shelby Harris.

  6. Pro bowl selections, like all popularity contests, are meaningless awards that don’t truly tell the worth of that individual. Some are informed voters, other are not.
    The biggest thing they do is give the player a nice salary bonus if that clause is included in their contract.

  7. Blame your fans, It’s clear your fan base isn’t in the top 10, therefore neither will be most of your players. Especially lineman.

  8. Fans voting for pro bowl or any any sport should have very limited impact on who actually gets the spot. Trent Williams is the highest rated linemen in the league. So is his contract worth it? Yes dumb question. Should he be a pro bowler? Yes. Not debatable.

  9. Remember when all of the experts called Mike Shannahan an idiot for drafting Williams instead of Russell Okung?

  10. Um Kittle, did you watch Brian O’Neill of the Minnesota Vikings? Dude hasn’t given up a sack all season, and only a couple last year. He is the best Tackle in football.

  11. Trent Williams’ weekly performances in 2021 has been on pace to set Pro Football Focus’ highest rating by ANY position player since PFF has been in existence since the mid 2000’s. So if a historic record-setting year is only good for 8th in Pro Bowl voting, clearly the voting process is a joke. It’s basically a popularity contest at best, probably closer to pinning the tail on the donkey when it comes to offensive tackle voting. Trent will be a first team All-Pro, which is voted on by journalists and the media.

    “According to PFF’s Mark Chichester, the highest graded players ever entering the 2019 season were 2007 Jonathan Ogden and 2018 Aaron Donald, both earning 95.0 figures in their analytically near-perfect performances. Looking through the past two seasons that weren’t included on this list, no one touches Williams’ 97.8 grade. Teammate George Kittle came close, with a 95.0 grade in 2019, and Aaron Rodgers’ 2020 MVP season and Aaron Donald’s 2020 DPoY season were both given 94.5 marks.

    But 97.8? That’s “utterly unprecedented” like Meirov said, completely ludicrous, absolutely baffling, and all the other adverb-adjective combinations you can think up. If he gets better with age, who knows what he’ll look like by the end of his contract.”

  12. I’m amused by those who believed they’ve cracked the code and are revealing some deep, dark secret by announcing the Pro Bowl is a “popularity contest.” Of course it is. It’s SUPPOSED to be.
    All-Star games in the major sports weren’t created to serve as a reward, or an honor, or a bit of deserving recognition for the players. These days a great many don’t even want to participate, they just want the recognition.
    All-Star games were created long ago to promote the sports – aka businesses – to the fans, and were intended as a bonus for them. That’s why fans were given the vote. Players and coaches are included only to create a bit of balance so the games aren’t always predominantly populated by players from a handful of America’s most popular teams.
    It’s equally amusing that some actually believe a lot of players and coaches don’t also often vote for their friends, or teammates, or based on reputation, or against a rival. Truth is, the average fan sees a lot more different teams and players and games each week than most coaches or players do.
    The Pro Bowl will never feature all of the best, or most statistically impressive, or “deserving” players. The initial voting will reflect who the fans want to see, and that’s how it was intended to be.
    In the case of the Pro Bowl, by game time the rosters will reflect whatever players the NFL can grab off the street after losing all the “honored” players that are either playing in the Super Bowl, or backed out with a sudden injury because they don’t really want to be there.

  13. There’s a different list that awards the best, most deserving players. That’s the AP 1st team All-Pro.

    Pro Bowl is supposed to be a popularity contest and nothing more.

  14. Actually not a dumb question to ask if his contract, with 40 mill dead money if he gets cut, that runs 6 years thru his age 40 season is not a dumb question at all.

    He’s never been an all pro. 2nd team all pro 1 season. That’s it. He’s been hurt every season of his career, barely played 16 games ever. He’s getting the most money, should he get hurt or fail to play He’s going to be 40m dumpster of dead money.

    Madden is fantasy, I’ll play a guy half as much and get as much production so I can actually upgrade my team. Khalil mack, trent have a lot in common. They get paid alot but are on losing teams regularly, why is that?

  15. The only things fans should get to choose when it comes to the pro bowl is the toppings on their pizza while they watch a bad and irrelevant game.

  16. Actually the niners can walk away after year 4 with only a $6 million dead money hit to the cap. The cap is also going to rise significantly over the next several years. So the deal is basically getting his best years for an annual cap hit of around $20 million per year for the best linemen in football. Do you think the market for elite left tackles will get cheaper?

    Please read mochajoe’s post above. What williams is doing this year is absurd. He plays the most violent position in the game and the most important position outside of QB. So yes. Silly question.

  17. Silly question?

    Why is it silly to ask if a player that is being paid the 3rd highest contact in the NFL (*yes, he’s 3rd out of everyone*) and subsequently hasn’t played a full season but once?

    Yes, really silly.

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