NFL, NFLPA prepare to ditch regular testing of vaccinated players

Daily LFT Testing for Health and Social Care Staff in Wales
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For months, the NFL Players Association has pressed the league for daily testing of vaccinated players. Now, the league and the union may agree to the exact opposite of that.

PFT has confirmed that the NFL and NFLPA are closing in on a deal that would eliminate regular testing of vaccinated, asymptomatic players.

The current system, in which vaccinated players with no symptoms are tested once per week, would be replaced with a random process that would test a handful of asymptomatic vaccinated players. The details of the new system are currently being negotiated. Regardless, mandatory, weekly testing of all vaccinated players would end.

That would necessarily introduce a certain amount of vaccinated, asymptomatic, and positive payers into the workplace — and onto the field. It’s the “B” side (or maybe the “A” side) of our suggestion that players who are vaccinated, asymptomatic, and positive be permitted to practice and play. That idea at least entails knowing who is and isn’t positive. The approach that the league and union will be adopting embraces an ignorance-is-bliss attitude, harkening back to the early days of the pandemic, when some argued that more testing would only lead to more positives.

At this point, the two sides are simply trying to get through the season, with no games lost. Given that the vast majority of current positive cases entail no symptoms, a groundswell has reached critical mass on the idea that the negatives of identifying positive cases outweigh the positives.

Where will it go from here? Our suggestion would be to have the full union vote on this very simple approach for 2022: Mandatory vaccinations and boosters, and no protocols of any kind. With 96 percent of all players already vaccinated, at least half of them plus one would vote in favor of that proposal.

40 responses to “NFL, NFLPA prepare to ditch regular testing of vaccinated players

  1. Perfect. Most got vaccinated, there’s nothing
    More you can do. Covid isn’t going away, ever. Nobody can beat it or eliminate it. Move on

  2. So the NFL is adopting the “head in the sand” approach.

    This is proof that the NFL is only interested in doing the right thing IF IT DOESN”T HURT THE BOTTOM LINE.

    If players and coaches don’t mind spreading the virus among themselves, that’s up to them. Unfortunately, they all go home….to restaurants and bars…and they will be infecting the communities.

    Simple daily testing for everyone will keep the spread low and the number of infected players low. Leave it to the NFL to do the wrong things.

  3. Wait the NFL is doing something that makes a lot of sense? Did I read the article wrong?

  4. So why eliminate the testing now? Because it will affect the date of the Super Bowl? Kinda curiousoOf all the players and coaches that tested positive this season, who were the ones that are vacinated?

  5. Unvaccinated players face serious consequences if you stop testing of vaccinated players. Obviously vaccinated players cannot get seriously ill. But if one who’s vaccinated has COVID without being tested, what if they expose an unvaccinated player? This is a very slippery slope. Get Vaccinated!

  6. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Seems we have finally moved to phase 3, but they will accept they were wrong, all along, at some point.

  7. I’ve been screaming this from the rooftops for months. Asymptomatic testing is useless, and not just in the NFL. Private business can mandate vaccines. Do that and only test if there are symptoms. Another words, treat it like every other illness in human history.

  8. Probably the most & absolutely stupidest approach to handling a nationwide pandemic that I’ve heard of yet….
    That the NFL is on board with it just reinforces the complete lack of logic behind their collective reasoning & approach to truly important topics….SIGH…..

  9. Yep, anything so that asymptomatics have to get tested, it’s illogical. If you feel fine why is there a need for testing of any kind? Can’t go on for years this testing, testing, testing, oh we must halt, reschedule, quarantine, bubble, BS. It’s not going away, there are treatments for it, vaccines will get better, get on with your lives people. And no fake cards please!

  10. Great, so a player who is asymptomatic can unknowingly pass it on to others in the locker room (including older staff members)and that person could up having severe symptoms. Not to mention players who have young children, pregnant wives, elderly in-laws, etc., living with them.

    It’s not often that I agree with Florio, but well said good sir. If you’re asymptomatic but aware you’re positive, at least you can mask up, etc. in the facility and take extra precautions at home. This “solution” the league and NFLPA are negotiating is foolish.

  11. It’s just funny hearing the COVID freak out finally getting tired of it and just letting it go. As if they’re geniuses for thinking it up.

  12. The amount of vaccinated players testing positive was not a good look for the pro-vaccination/mandate side, so not testing the vaccinated gets back to achieving the desired result: the positive test/not able to play/”selfish” people will be the unvaccinated.

  13. Common sense prevails! Finally. There is not a single point to be tested if youve been vaccinated. Nobody in the nfl is dying.

  14. So how often are the unvaccinated going to be tested? It’s a certain that the unvaccinated are going to test positive, so what happens when a “Star” player is unavailable for a crucial game?
    There is at one AFC team that has TWO players who are not vaccinated who play a prominent role on offense! Wouldn’t that be ironic if they were unavailable !

  15. Mandating boosters just drags this debacle out indefinitely, I can’t see any incentive for the NFL or players to agree to that.

  16. Everywhere else in the pandemic, a surge in cases is met with more testing and restrictions. This proposal is the complete opposite and willful negligence.

    You can always rely on the NFL to do the wrong thing.

  17. Before the NFL Commissioner, owners and NFLPA make any decision on anything, they get on their knees and look up at George Washington’s picture on the dollar bill hanging down by a thread to remind them of who and what their master is.
    It’s always money first and everything else last when it comes to the NFL making decisions. I don’t care what the issue is, it’s always money driven.
    So — when you ask yourself what the NFL will do to solve any problem they have, just look at the money. That will tell you everything you need to know about what they did and why they did it.

  18. This just opened up a ton of future law suits by healthy players who got infected by vaccinated infect players this is yet again a huge failure by the NFLPA and make no mistake this is all about MONEY
    and nothing about health or safety .

  19. chrism0228…..More then half the league will retire…lol…that is the dumbest comment this year
    like guys with 100 million dollar contracts will retire…lol..moronic statement.
    Chris your company if it has 100 or more employees has to test all not vaccinated workers if you refuse then YOU are free to retire .

  20. NFL caved in and gave up on doing the right thing i’m disgusted and call on all the good Americans
    who are vaccinated to boycott the NFL.

  21. This is basically what has been done in the health care industry .. get vax and forget about it if asymptomatic. Otherwise nobody would be around to treat the seriously ill.

  22. Interesting, I know at least 10 people who got covid from holiday work parties and are now basically laid up. Those who had two doses feel like crap for days. Some of those that didn’t have two doses are really sick (some from Texas). Guess the NFL would rather error on the side of dollars.

  23. Want players to get the shot? Give them a reason–no testing for those who have had the shot. We’re supposedly not worried about those who have had the shot so set policies accordingly.

  24. Florio, you are a lawyer, not a virologist. Stop spread your “opinion” as the true. Studies from around the world, covering thousands of covid patients, all conclude that asymptomatic infected patients account for 30-55% of the spread of the virus. Percentage may be difference ,but that is the true.
    In fact, the number one reason why Sar-COV2 becomes a global pandemic is large % of the infected patients are asymptomatic and spread the virus to others. Unlike MERS, it killed most of the patients and stopped it to be a pandemic.

    NFL chooses not to test vaccinated or recovered players is a gamble and a business decision. I may even take that gamble if I were Goodell. But it could backfire even with 4 more weeks to go before the playoff.
    NFL should have test everyone everyday for virus shedding with rapid antigen test. One detected, there is still time (like 24 hours buffer) to remove that player. The key is testing every 24 hours. NFL may be concerned with the impact to the gambling business and not choose not to do the everyday antigen test. Ask any virologist.

  25. chrism0228 says:

    December 18, 2021 at 2:35 pm

    More than half the league will retire if they mandate vaccines IMO

    That’s not even close to a true statement. Even baking in some may be fake vaccination cards theres at least half the league vaccinated already. Besides that you would possibly have a handful of players retire at most and they likely would be lower level guys.

  26. Let’s not pretend that the NFL and NFLPA put these policies in place for anything more than good press and the perception that they care about their employees. Once it affected their bottom line, the policies were bound to be revoked.

  27. I have two questions for all the people freaking out about this change.

    1. How many are fully vaccinated that are marking this down.
    2. How many of you must be tested daily at your job no matter if you are vaccinated or showing zero symptoms?

    If any of you meet both of these criteria’s then feel free to complain. I doubt anyone does.

  28. longlivedansnyder says:

    December 18, 2021 at 3:21 pm

    Cole Beasley and Kyrie Irvin have become absolute LEGENDS
    Irving’s own teammates voted for him not to play rather than be a part time player before the season, that’s not what you call legendary. If not for their depth issues right now needing bodies they wouldn’t be bringing him back in now.

  29. It’s safe to say effectively that the vaccines are crap. Moderna CEO said when the rollout happened the vaccine will only provide protection for a year maybe. Hahahahaha a vaccine CEO who made a killing made a vaccine with a year of immunity hahahahaha haha

    They are effectively making you look stupid haha

  30. Let’s face it; this is all about expediency. You’ve got all these people testing positive who will very shortly test negative and they’ll get a 90-day reprieve from further testing. Aaron Rodgers gets a 90-day reprieve and he flouted the NFL’s rules. It wouldn’t look good for either the NFL or NFLPA if players who did everything according to the rules got bounced from critical games with all this having happened. And the NFL doesn’t want big stars knocked out of the games with the most ad sales.

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