Carson Wentz says Matt Judon attacked his “ability to reproduce”

NFL: DEC 18 Patriots at Colts
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Colts quarterback Carson Wentz angrily confronted Patriots pass rusher Matt Judon during Saturday night’s game, for reasons that weren’t clear at the time. But Wentz said after the game that he had very good reasons to be upset.

Wentz said that Judon took a cheap shot at Wentz in the place where a man least wants to get a cheap shot.

“Don’t need to go into specifics, obviously, but when a man’s ability to reproduce is being in question and there’s some other extracurriculars, guys’ hands need to be at their sides,” Wentz said, via the Indianapolis Star. “Let’s just say that. When that happens, you can get pretty riled up.”

Wentz said it was as dirty a play as he’s seen.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been that fired up on the football field,” Wentz said.

Judon claimed not to know what Wentz was so angry about.

“I don’t know,” Judon said. “Leave it out on the field. Carson’s a good guy. He got mad about something, who knows, and I guess that anger was directed towards me.”

Videos that have emerged so far do not show precisely what happened, but the NFL will likely scour all available footage to determine whether there is any cause for discipline.

16 responses to “Carson Wentz says Matt Judon attacked his “ability to reproduce”

  1. It seemed like the refs let the players get away with alot as say compared to the bears. I saw at least one defensive player go to the sideline and get into it with the players on the sideline and not get called.

    It was hard to see the refs be so lax on penalties after they stuck it to the Bears for much less and the NFL kept telling everyone that the refs were 100% right for calling a penalty for “posturing”.

  2. Michael Pittman needs a talking to.

    He chose to keep it real instead of taking a penalty and first down in the red zone. The he was acting up as his teammates tried to calm him down. Nothing about that situation helps his team.

  3. The refs were terrible. Letting holding, PI’s and worse yet hits to head or to a defenseless receiver occur at will without penalizing the players (from both teams)…they lost control of the game.

  4. The refs are screwed. I almost feel sorry for them. Every year these greedy owners come up with stupid new rules to protect their investments, these refs have to figure out the difference between what the rule says and how the league wants the rule enforced and then deal with the fallout from the fans when the new rule makes the game just a bit less fun to watch. Don’t blame the refs. Blame the owners. They’re the ones who come up with ALL this stupid dreck.

  5. I’ve racked my brain to try and remember a guy doing something so nuts. If they find the footage, I hope the league gives Jordan the shaft. It’s ok to sack a guy, but it’s really a junk play to do something like this while your playing ball. He must have been trying to get into his head.

  6. The fact that Carson said ” I don’t know if I’ve ever been that fired up on the football field” is all we need to know about his playing in the past and future

  7. Funny how T6 has been so quite. Guess he finally realized his Patriots aren’t the best team in the AFC. When you finish at the bottom of the league the previous year you get the favorable schedule but even then you still have to play a few good teams. Patriots will lose at least one more regular season game.

  8. I don’t care who you root for, hitting a guy in the junk on purpose is garbage. Any player who does that should be suspended. Punch, bite, claw, just don’t mess with the junk.

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