ESPN and other Disney channels return to YouTube TV

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Good news, YouTube TV customers. You won’t have to figure out another way to watch Monday night’s game between the Vikings and Bears.

YouTube TV has announced that a deal has been struck with Disney to keep all of the company’s channels on the streaming platform.

This includes ESPN, and Monday Night Football. Three games remain this season, along with a Monday night wild card playoff game.

Per the email message from YouTube TV announcing the deal, a $15 credit will apply for the current month of service, even though the Disney channels were gone for roughly 40 hours.

4 responses to “ESPN and other Disney channels return to YouTube TV

  1. I hope it was Disney that caved and not YouTube TV. Everything about the Disney corporation sucks. I’d rather have the $15 credit every month than a bunch of worthless channels by the “greediest place on earth”.

  2. ESPN folded for sure. Customers would be more likely to spend their $15 elsewhere than a ala carte sports channel. And for YouTube to offer a $15 refund shows they were in the drivers seat.

  3. I am glad I held off. What I discovered is that there is a market for only having channels that carry sporting events and ditch all the other worthless channels.

    If a company was smart, they would create a platform that carries local channels, and any channel that carries live sports. and ditch all the other worthless channels that no one watches.

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