Frank Gore loses boxing match to former NBA player Deron Williams

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Former NFL running back Frank Gore stepped into the boxing ring on Saturday night but lost his debut fight to former NBA player Deron Williams.

The fight wasn’t exactly a great exhibition of boxing skill, and both men were warned by the referee to stop shoving each other, but they did put together a fairly entertaining four rounds of action. Williams won by split decision.

Gore weighed in at 210 pounds for the fight and Williams at 211, but Williams is six inches taller and used his reach advantage effectively.

It’s all good,” Gore said afterward. “He won the fight tonight. He fought hard. I fought hard. I just still have to learn some stuff. He did a good job tonight. We’ll see if I fight again. I had fun tonight. I’ll go back and talk to my team to see what’s next.”

The 37-year-old Gore has said he’s open to playing in the NFL again, although at this point it’s unlikely. If we see him in action again, it will probably be a return to the boxing ring.

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  1. Congratulations on retirement Frank, it must feel good to know you don’t have to go to work and smash your head 100 times anymore.
    Glad to see you take on some nice relaxing hobbies

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