John Harbaugh on going for two: Thought our chances to win better there than OT

Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens
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For the second time in the last three weeks, the Ravens faced a decision about going for two after a touchdown late in the fourth quarter put them one point behind their opponents.

The Ravens went for two and failed against the Steelers two weeks ago. Head coach John Harbaugh made the same call against the Packers this Sunday and the result was another disappointment. Packers safety Darnell Savage got a finger on a pass to tight end Mark Andrews and the Packers held on for a 31-30 win.

After the game, Harbaugh said he thought the team had a better chance of winning the game there than by heading into overtime and credited

“We just gotta try to win the game right there,” Harbaugh said. “I think our chances of winning right there were a little higher than they were in overtime, maybe, if you calculate it out. Felt good about, felt we had a good play. They made a really good play. Gotta give that safety a lot of credit for getting out there and tipping that ball.”

The Ravens have now lost three straight games by a total of four points. Sunday’s loss moved the Bengals to first place in the AFC North and dropped the Ravens out of playoff position entirely, but they can move back up in the standings with a win over the Bengals in Cincinnati next weekend.

47 responses to “John Harbaugh on going for two: Thought our chances to win better there than OT

  1. Dude is literally throwing the Ravens’ season away. Kick the **** point-after and live to defend the field!

  2. Harbaugh can talk all he wants about not being able to stop Rodgers but in the end all he did was outsmart himself. Showing no confidence in his defense must be a morale supper for his team.
    Tie the game and let your defense play 40 seconds of defense

  3. you fight and fight two scores down to get back in the game only to give it away on a high risk gamble, tie the game and take it to OT, your at home, thats twice now, Harbaugh got what he deserved

  4. He’s right, he’s defence are practice squad now, can barely stop average offences like Steelers how can he trust them to stop Rodgers if Packers won toss.

    The problem is OT rule that doesn’t give both teams ball if first drive is TD in this offence favouring modern day NFL..

    That they even lost by a point against best team should be confidence booster for rest of season..

  5. Arrogance has your team out of the playoffs after Cincy won. Now you fight for your playoff life next week. Will he go for 2 with the Bengals? Probably….

    Madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result….Harbaugh??

  6. You have arguably the greatest kicker to have played the game. Who kicks 60+ field goals…
    But yet you go for it on 4th downs constantly!
    Of you simply kicked it on 4th down earlier you would have been up already after the TD!
    Your cutting the soul out of your team… which fights and watches you Mr Harby throw it away.
    I find it a sad thing to do to your team, and I’m a Bengal fan!

  7. After 1 failed 2 point conversion you give reasons as to why…… After this, you give excuses. There was ABSOLUTELY no REASON to not to kick the PAT and play for OT when your defense was showing they wanted it. Now, all you have are excuses…. Put the 3 points back up from the 1st quarter and all of this is moot…… There is a reason why the first 4 letters in analytics is ANAL!!!!!!!! SMH!!

  8. You thought wrong. Just like your decision to not take the field goal I. The first quarter.

  9. How much of this was his inability to admit he made the wrong call against the Steelers? Kicking the PAT would look like an admiral that he blew the call against Pittsburgh.

  10. I don’t understand this. Twice? You chose this two separate times? Tucker is all pro. Huntley was on fire. You had a better chance at the coin flip of ot. That play call was terrible. Free huntley

  11. I thought making the mistake of going for 2 against Pittsburgh would have been a lesson to coach Harbaugh. Apparently nothing was learnt from that loss. At the Packers post game interview, he said given the same opportunity, he will go for 2 again. Something is wrong here. Who even goes for 4th & 1 in the 1st quarter when the score is 0-0. Kick a field goal.
    Do this kind of madness on any job and you will be shown the exit door quickly.

  12. I bet if Harbaugh was on the coaching hot seat, he’d actually make reasonable decisions on fourth downs and point after attempts. His ego is clearly costing the team.

  13. Dumb x2. You got the best kicker in the league. Your defense hasn’t given up much and all you need is one stop and long field goal. But thank you.
    -Browns fans.

  14. He very much seems like a man more concerned with his own glory than the welfare of his team.

  15. Going for 2 is a bad idea,especially when you’ve now failed to convert and lost 2 games in a row.Kick the extra point,go to OT and take your chances. Harbaugh thinks he’s a genius,but his thinking is killing his team. He wrecked a great game from Huntley and Andrews.

  16. Do you think maybe Andrews was going to get attention on the 2 pt conversion? He had 4 Packers w/ in 2 yds. Horrible play call – again.

  17. I can’t believe there is still anybody who thinks it’s right to kick the extra point in this situation. It’s simple math that a fifth grader would understand.

  18. I think Harbaugh was right to give them the best chance. I put them at under 15% chance of getting to overtime giving Rodgers 40ish seconds to work with and a time out (and most of that 15% has to do with GB’s kicker missing the kick). I am not saying Baltimore’s D had 0 chance but the fact that most D’s go into prevent mode which basically allows 15-20 yards at a time (with only needing about 2 of those for FG range).

  19. The amount of people that ASSUME you’d make it to overtime is ridiculous. Not saying your D is bad but Rodgers with 40 seconds and a time out is almost guaranteed to get a field goal chance between 55 yards and possibly 40. All the talk about “take our chances in OT” was your coach admitting that the D wasn’t going to stop Rodgers with 40 seconds. If it was 20 seconds, I bet he’d have kicked it.

  20. I am a Steelers fan. I am not going to talk smack. If you’re not going to trust your kicker (who nobody will argue is the best) in overtime or for the game itself, why have him? It doesn’t make sense?

  21. That is what happens when you have no starting QB and your running backs are wearing QB Halloween costumes. You are gutless.

  22. I’m NOT a Packers fan and Harbaugh did the right thing again despite the arm chair experts calling for his head. If he went 3 for 3 on those 2pt conversions, they’d be calling him a genius.

  23. Harbaugh in the desert: i need water
    generous person: want a glass of water?
    Harbaugh in the desert: no thanks i only want two

  24. And here come the Steelers sneaking to the top in the North…again. The Harbaugh face is well known between Jim and John. You know, mouth agape when their genius scheme goes awry and the other team seals the win instead of bemoaning a loss due to a smarter than thou play.

  25. I hate going for 4th down or 2 early in the game but I don’t mind him going for 2 to win the game before regulation. What I object to is how vanilla their play calling in their 2 point conversions. As a high risk team they should have a whole bag of tricks plays by now. For 2 games they lost on vanilla 2 point conversions.

  26. nhpats2011 says:

    “Going for it may have been the right call…but the play selection was horrible…”

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

    jfm215 says:

    “Harbaugh in the desert: i need water
    generous person: want a glass of water?
    Harbaugh in the desert: no thanks i only want two”

    Funniest comment I’ve seen in a long time, and you nailed it too.

  27. Decisions like these either say he doesn’t care if he is fired or that he is arrogant beyond thinking he can be fired. Either way it doesn’t end well.

  28. No one is saying the Ravens would have won had they taken the last 2 games to OT. But 2 failed conversions later, we are 0-2 and will never know.

  29. You dont need to go for 2 if he kicks a field goal on their first possession. Harbs left points on the field and it ended up hurting in the long run. It’s the theme of his coaching career.

  30. BuT ThUh ANaLytIcs SEz! 🤪

    Keep that crap out of the game. Football is the ultimate team sport. ANalYtICs is worthless in this sport for that reason.

    Baseball is a sport of individual matchups disguised as a team sport and that’s why it works well there. Football is not like that at all.

    Going for 2 there when you have the best kicker in the game that can win in OT is moronic no matter what ANalYtiCs says.

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