Report: Antonio Brown “is expected” to rejoin the Buccaneers on Monday


He screws up one time, he’s gone.”

Maybe Bruce Arians meant two times when he made that vow regarding receiver Antonio Brown, who joined the team in October 2020.

With Brown due to return from a three-game suspension on Monday after his fake vaccination card scam fell apart when he failed to pay a former live-in chef who then blew the whistle on the ruse, he “is expected” to rejoin the Buccaneers on Monday, reports Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

The choice of words — “is expected” — is curious. If it was a 100-percent proposition, the word used would be “will.”

On Friday, coach Bruce Arians suggested in a press conference that a decision has been made regarding Brown and safety Mike Edwards (who also was suspended for submitted a phony card), but that it wouldn’t be announced until after Sunday night’s game between New Orleans and Tampa Bay, in order to avoid creating a distraction. As noted at the time, news of an impending return wouldn’t be a distraction. News of a looming release would be.

Assuming that “is expected” comes to fruition, keep in mind the possibility that the Buccaneers will keep Brown on ice for the balance of the regular season. This will keep him from hitting incentives that begin with his next touchdown, and payment of $333,333.

It’s also possible that Arians knew all along that he’d bring back Brown and Edwards, and that the coach used the uncertainty in order to send a message. A clear message. An important message. Like, you know, “He screws up one time, he’s gone.”

Well, maybe some other message.

45 responses to “Report: Antonio Brown “is expected” to rejoin the Buccaneers on Monday

  1. Of course he is. Did anyone really think the Bucs were going to release Brady’s buddy?

  2. This is such a bad look for Arians and the Bucs. Arians talked a big game with “if he screws up once he will be gone” but that was all snake and mirrors. Arians knows that there is no way he will release Brown. He will make him sit for the 1st series and not be labeled “starter” but we all know that means nothing.
    Arians word means nothing now also. It is the double standards that is such a bad look because if this were a 4th string player or practice squad player he would then be released. But since it isn’t he will be right out there playing the rest of the season. This guy has gotten more second chances then anyone not named Aldon.
    It is a bad look Bruce and Roger. Makes your word mean nothing, but then again I know you have to talk to Tom before releasing anyone.

  3. If any tampa WRs get hurt on sunday, he’ll rejoin. If they’re all healthy, he’ll get cut.

  4. Everyone HAS to follow the links to the article on here that Peter King wrote about this in October 2020. If anyone thinks this is a egg on the face look on Arians now, read that article and everything he said back then and it will further cement that his word means NOTHING.
    If Brady wants to further cement his legacy in Tampa he should walk into Arians office and request him to release AB and explain to him that not one player alone is bigger then the team. Think about the other players and coaches he potentially could of help spread the virus. My personal opinion is that you take the vax if you want it and not take it if you don’t want it but this was completely different. He lied about it and that alone was the bigger issue that warrants him to be released or at the minimum put on ice for the remainder of the season and post season.

  5. Because Arians has to keep the reason he is winning happy… he doesn’t want Brady pouting and leaving before he can retire

  6. Brady needs Antonio Brown. Brown will have served his costly time out so let’s play ball way down field.

  7. Arians “ it’s my way or the highway” …. Unless it can cost me a super bowl, or unless Tom says it’s another way.

  8. Much ado about nothing. Bucs trying to win another ring. Arians and co currently calculate that keeping AB makes that more likely than cutting him. All the rest is just hot air.

  9. im just curious as to how a player can commit a felony, and not be punished by the law, and also be allowed to play (following a short suspension).

  10. The idea they’d bench ab for the last three games to keep him from hitting ihis incentives is the dumbest idea I’ve read.

    Anyone who think they could do that without him going full qb is a fool. The choice is clear play him or cut him and Bruce wants Tom to be happy so ab is staying and playing.

  11. This is one more reason to root against the Buccaneers. As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I understand how certain players can make you hate a team. We have had a few of them, unfortunately.

  12. Pretty sure coach meant that when they signed AB to a one year deal OVER A YEAR AGO. Relax people. New year, new contract, new terms. It’s not like Danny Snyder or Urban Meyer level malfeasance.
    AB gives his blood, sweat, tears and plays his tail off for a team that has won 18 of their 21 games. No wonder people are triggered.

  13. Look at all the angry fans here who are so upset that their team won’t be able to sign Brown. Again, the Bucs repeating is going to hurt so many folks once again. People act like Brady doesn’t know what he’s doing. That’s funny.

  14. They are not going to release him right before the playoffs so that he can be signed by an opponent and then have to play against him. Plus Brady will throw a fit if Brown is released.

    Also, the Bucs are extremely thin at safety. They cant afford to let Edwards walk.

  15. Arians is in the same mold as Urban. 2 snakes who can’t be trusted when the cameras are on or off. There are those who are competitive yet honest men/coaches who go about their business the right way. The vast majority of NFL head coaches fall in this category, whether you like them or despise them. And most do their best to focus on the right things despite the hand they’re dealt.

    Arians is so obsessed on himself that Brady could be charged with a felony and he’d talk about how good Tom has been most of his career and he’s sure there’s a misunderstanding and he’s going to play while he’s been released on his own recognizance. I can see some hating the Bucs because they’ve bought a roster due to Brady. I just don’t like human beings who no soul, moral compass or who put I before we.

  16. Let’s be honest. Arians is an average coach, and if it weren’t for Tom Brady and their defense, they would have never won the Super Bowl and he may have been out of a job by now. Because of that, Arians is definitely going to listen to what Tom Brady tells him.

  17. It was clear when they didn’t release him week ago. This is just confirming what we already knew. Like him or not that O goes from great to UNSTOPPABLE.

  18. Bruce Arians is a bag of hot air and the Buccaneers are a joke. Antonio Brown should be in jail not on an NFL roster.

  19. The notion that the Packers would take Brown off waivers couldn’t be more laughable.

  20. Arians channeling his inner Urban Meyer. Such a shame; thought Arians would stand for honesty and conviction.

  21. They rather keep him and not play him than let him go and get claimed by contending teams like Green Bay or Rams.

  22. prophessor4 says:
    December 19, 2021 at 10:06 am
    im just curious as to how a player can commit a felony, and not be punished by the law, and also be allowed to play (following a short suspension).


    Ask Big Ben

  23. Unlikable, hated, classless, cheaters, and ref ball. Did I miss anything for all the loser Bills, Packers, and Chiefs fans? Keep dancing, puppets.

  24. It’s clear who runs the personnel department in Tampa Tom Brady, the deaf to gm. Aliens is only the head coach.

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