Brian Schottenheimer taking over as Jaguars offensive play-caller

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks
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Jaguars interim head coach Darrell Bevell is making a significant change for the last three games of the season.

Bevell told reporters in his Monday press conference that he’s handing offensive play-calling duties over to passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Brian Schottenheimer.

“I think it helps us in a lot of ways,” Bevell said. “No. 1, it helps me take more on of the head-coach role that I’m being asked to do, with that added responsibility. But also, we have another accomplished play-caller in our midst and to be able to let Brian take an opportunity at it and put his own personality into the offense as well. We’ll be, obviously, in constant communication. We game-plan together a lot anyway. So I’m really confident and happy that I’m going to be able to turn that to him.”

This is a bit of a change for Bevell. When he took over as interim head coach for the Lions last year after Matt Patricia was fired, he kept the play-calling duties for the rest of the season.

Schottenheimer has previously served as offensive coordinator for the Jets (2006-2011), Rams (2012-2014), and Seahawks (2018-2020).

The Jaguars currently rank 30th in total yards and 32nd in scoring. Rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence has completed just 58 percent of his passes fr 2,945 yards with nine touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

2 responses to “Brian Schottenheimer taking over as Jaguars offensive play-caller

  1. Unless Brian Schottenheimer can find new receivers or offensive linemen by Sunday I don’t know how it helps much but at this point it can’t be much worse.

  2. The Jags need to spend all their free agent money on the Offensive Line I can’t remember all season where Trevor had a clean pocket. As great as Tom Brady is I think he would struggle if he had our O-Line. I think they could win with their receivers if they had a competent O-Line.

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