Bruce Arians on keeping Antonio Brown: The history has changed since last year

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Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said last year that wide receiver Antonio Brown would be gone from the team if he screws up one time, but Brown’s three-game suspension for misrepresenting his vaccine status didn’t cost him his job.

Arians said that no decision had been made on Brown’s future last week, but General Manager Jason Licht said before Sunday night’s game that he would remain with the team. On Sunday night, Arians said that bringing Brown and safety Mike Edwards back was best for the team and he said Monday that the situation and relationship with Brown has changed since October 2020.

“The history has changed since that statement,” Arians said, via Greg Auman of “A lot of things went on last year that I was very proud of him and I made a decision this was best for our football team.”

Arians said he “could give a shit” about critics of his changed stance on Brown, who will be able to play this week against the Panthers. With Chris Godwin done for the year, he’ll likely be seeing a good amount of action.


40 responses to “Bruce Arians on keeping Antonio Brown: The history has changed since last year

  1. Now that Godwin’s out AB has a license to do whatever he wants. No way tough-talking Arians would cut him now…and AB knows it. Way to draw the lines Bruce. What a buffoon.

  2. At this point,with WR Chris Godwin tearing his ACL….Keeping Antonio Brown on the roster was a fore-gone conclusion.

  3. You can cry hypocrisy all you want. He’s doing what any other coach would do in his situation. Heck, he probably would have kept Brown even if Godwin didn’t get hurt.

  4. And an illegally forged vax card affirms your newfound trust in him how exactly? Just let Tom answer the questions going forward.

  5. At this point, we all know that star players are given star treatment. No one needs to say it. You don’t like it; I don’t like it; Bruce Arians does not like it.

  6. Don’t kid yourself. If Brown was an average player he would have been CUT weeks ago. This is a terrible decision, one more up Urban Meyer’s alley. Bad look for Tampa, their coach, the NFL, and for the USA.

  7. Integrity and principles isn’t one of those things you trot out and brag about only when it’s easy and you don’t really need it, it’s the tough times when you adhere to them that matters. Arians gets a big fat ZERO! I’ve officially lost all respect for him!

  8. I can kind of understand it if it was his first offense, but I would be really annoyed if he lied to me. Maybe he fessed up right away with Tommy and Bruce. I wouldn’t have cut him, but kept him on the inactive list for the rest of the season, but that is me.

  9. The mistake is thinking that they would have cut him if Godwin was healthy. He was never going anywhere. They only suspended him for show, figuring they’d win that stretch anyway.

  10. Why doesn’t the league take care of this permanently? AB has had PLENTY of extra chances. Oh, protecting Tommy I guess

  11. “The history has changed since that statement,” Arians said.

    Until it happens again,…. right ? And you know it will. AB just can’t control himself. I say he’s Bi-Polar. He exhibits it when he gets in trouble.

  12. So he does care what people think? Probably his subconscious speaking the truth. If he really didn’t care, the correct phrase is “couldn’t give…”

  13. Well as far as we know he didn’t forge any vaccine cards last year. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

  14. When you get down to it, any coach will do the same thing and will justify it however he wants. Tomlin did the same thing. They’ll enable Brown as long he serves a purpose and only until he becomes too much of a distraction.

  15. It didn’t take 17 games to reveal Bruce’s (and for that matter Tom’s) true character.

  16. The history has changed blah blah blah. It has. Two days ago Chris Godwin had two healthy ACLs. Now he has one. Fake vaccine card? That was weeks ago. Brown hasn’t lied to Arians for three whole weeks. Winning is more important than integrity for the Tampa Bay Toms.

  17. Arians likes to talk about doing the right thing, but when push comes to shove, he’ll put winning above doing the right thing.

  18. Just goes to prove, Ariana’s not much of a man. Everyone knows a man’s only as good as his word.

  19. History doesn’t change. But apparently it does get rewritten. Seems to be the big thing lately.

  20. Heaven forbid we look at things in a nuanced way or allow for changed circumstances! Things indeed changed. (A) AB kept his nose clean and played outstanding football all last season and post season. There were no accounts of him causing any issues in the locker room, either. (B) AB’s production earned him a new contract. (C) AB probably took less money to come back to Tampa than he could have got on the open market.

    BA has to do what’s best for the team – TEAM. As Simms said to Florio, if you polled the locker room every single player would say bring him back.

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