Jaguars’ loss, Lions’ win moves Jacksonville into lead for first overall pick in 2022 NFL draft

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jacksonville Jaguars are closing in on the first pick in the draft for the second consecutive year.

Jacksonville lost to Houston on Sunday and Detroit upset Arizona, and that means the Jaguars now have a clear path to the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft.

The Jaguars are 2-12, the worst record in the league, and if they lose their last three games they will pick first in 2022, just as they did in 2021. Last year the Jaguars took Trevor Lawrence first overall; this year they’d either trade down or draft a player at a position other than quarterback.

The Lions are 2-11-1 and would have the second overall pick if they lose their three remaining games.

The 3-11 Texans and 3-11 Jets are tied for the third pick. Strength of schedule is the tiebreaker, and the Texans are currently favored to win that tiebreaker, meaning they would pick third and the Jets would pick fourth.

The 4-10 Giants would pick fifth and the 4-9 Bears head into tonight’s game with the No. 6 pick, but the Bears traded their pick to the Giants to move up for Justin Fields this year. So the Giants project to have back-to-back picks at No. 5 and No. 6.

The 5-9 Panthers would have the No. 7 pick, and the Seahawks, 5-8 heading into tomorrow’s game, would have the eighth pick — which is going to the Jets for the Jamal Adams trade.

The Falcons, at 6-8, have the No. 9 pick, while the four 6-7 teams that play in the next two days — the Eagles, Vikings, Football Team and Raiders — are currently tied for No. 10.

7 responses to “Jaguars’ loss, Lions’ win moves Jacksonville into lead for first overall pick in 2022 NFL draft

  1. What’s new? How many times has this team drafted in the top 5? Sooner or later, they have to get it right, don’t they?

  2. Am I the only one who could see the giants at 6 facilitate a trade with the giants at 5 to get a player they covet?

  3. Of course, the Lions will win enough to make sure they don’t fill , perhaps, their biggest position of need….a pass rusher

  4. Good for Dan Campbell. It’s good to see the team is still fighting for him, and it’s also good to see Jared Goff have a really good game. He’s not a bad QB and I hope we give him some more help this draft. Who cares about the top pick, at this point I just want to see the team fight. It was awful watching all of those December losses under the New England disaster. There’s no Trevor Lawrence out there this year anyway.

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