Jamie Collins: Sometimes you need that humble pie

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts
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The Patriots’ seven-game winning streak came to a close on Saturday when they lost to the Colts, 27-17.

New England’s defense had played well throughout the winning streak, allowing 20 points just once, in the 27-24 victory over the Chargers in Week Eight. But Indianapolis controlled the game with 226 yards rushing and made it to 20 points when running back Jonathan Taylor scored a 67-yard touchdown with 2:01 left in the contest.

It was a particularly poor game coming off the bye for a team that had been one of the hottest in the league since midseason.

But with three games remaining in the regular season, linebacker Jamie Collins said Monday that New England could spin the loss into a positive.

“We just had a bad day. We had a bad day, and those guys took advantage,” Collins said, via Zack Cos of NESN. “Sometimes you need that setback, you need that humble pie.”

Whether that dish was served hot or cold, the Patriots will have a chance to get back on track and keep control of the AFC East with a matchup against the Bills at home on Sunday.

5 responses to “Jamie Collins: Sometimes you need that humble pie

  1. New England’s defense allowed just 20 points in this game too. 7 points was scored on a blocked/recovered in end zone punt.

  2. The Patriots still have a rookie QB, and have played an almost last place schedule. Nothing shocking here the Colts right now are a better football team. I expect the Patriots to get beat by the Bills and possibly the Dolphins before the season is over. New England’s offense is mediocre at best and their defense can’t stop the run.

  3. 100% right. They got smacked in the mouth, lets see how the respond next week vs Buffalo.

  4. Cue the Bills trolls who act like their team didn’t get demolished by this same Colts team. If the Patriots face the Colts again it’s a toss up but the Bills would lose to the same Colts 9 out of 10 times.

  5. Jamie made a huge play and did all he could do to keep us in the game as bad as the Pat’s played they had their chances at the end just didnt execute. They just Have to start faster at home vs buffalo.

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