Joe Judge: We’ll have a conversation about starting Jake Fromm

NFL: DEC 05 Giants at Dolphins
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Joe Judge slipped to 10-20 as the head coach of the Giants with Sunday’s 21-6 loss to the Cowboys and one topic of conversation after the game concerned whether he will turn to Jake Fromm at quarterback in pursuit of his 11th career victory.

Fromm replaced Mike Glennon after Glennon threw three interceptions and went 6-of-12 for 82 yards in his first NFL regular season action. Judge said the team is going to talk about how to handle the quarterback position in Week 16 and that starting Fromm will be front and center in that discussion.

“We got to a point in the game where I wanted to see what Jake could do, point blank,” Judge said. “We weren’t doing enough moving the ball otherwise, so I wanted to make sure I had the chance to see Jake and that will obviously open up a conversation about what we’re going to do this week. We’ll talk about it as a staff and we’ll make the best decision for the team.”

Judge has refused to rule Daniel Jones out for the rest of the season, but his answer on Fromm certainly suggests that the 2019 first-round pick will remain out of the picture due to the neck injury that’s sidelined him for the last three weeks. The Giants have lost all three of those games, which would seem to make it all the likelier that they’ll be trying something new at quarterback in Week 16.

8 responses to “Joe Judge: We’ll have a conversation about starting Jake Fromm

  1. Refusing to put Jones on IR is yet another reason Judge should be fired. What does he gain by tying up a roster spot with a person who isn’t going to play? He’d be eligible to return already if he had recovered.

    At this point it is very probable that the 2022 GM, Coach, and QB are not under contract with the Giants at the moment.

  2. You already know what you have with Mike Glennon….not much. Might as well see what you could possibly have with the other guy.

  3. Why do people assume that what Judge tells the media/public is the same thing he is saying to his team and ownership? In addition, what benefit in his locker room would there be for him to state that Glennon is not capable of playing QB in the NFL? He can only coach the players he has that are available to play. Finally, what benefit is there to put Jones on IR now? Is his presence on the active roster preventing them from signing a difference maker at QB? I think that they might as well evaluate Fromm at this stage, even if it is with a reduced playbook. Fromm has only been with the giants for 3 weeks as of today, and has thrown 12 passes in regular season games – all yesterday. at 4-10 maybe they find Fromm is a talent, or maybe he isn’t – but we do know that Glennon definitely isn’t.

  4. Fromm looked decent, definitely better than Glennon. I would keep playing Fromm if Daniel Jones is too hurt to play.

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