John Harbaugh: If there was any more time left on the clock, we would have kicked


Ravens head coach John Harbaugh’s decision to go for two after cutting the Packers’ lead to 31-30 with 42 seconds left in Sunday’s game remained a main topic of conversation at his Monday press conference.

Harbaugh said he thought about the decision all night and understood the criticism that came his way after Tyler Huntley‘s pass to tight end Mark Andrews fell incomplete, but that he considered both going for it and kicking “viable” choices at that point in time.

“It would have had to be a situation where it goes down to the wire, 42 seconds was a little bit more time than you really want to go for two there,” Harbaugh said. “I would rather have it be around 20 seconds, but decided to do it there in the end. If there had been any more time than that, we would have certainly kicked it.”

Harbaugh was also asked about choosing to kick an extra point after cutting the Packers’ lead to eight points earlier in the fourth quarter. Harbaugh said that the team discussed it and that he “just felt like the clock was a little tight in my gut.” That led him to “delay the decision till the end” of what turned out to be the team’s third straight loss.

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  1. I’m never going to trash a coach for trying to win, but this is the second time in 3 weeks that this has bit them. Both times incomplete passes to Andrews. Maybe they need a new 2-point play.

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