Tyler Huntley “took a big step” on Sunday

Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens
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After Sunday’s 31-30 loss to the Packers, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said that he anticipates having Lamar Jackson back in the lineup to face the Bengals in Week 16.

Harbaugh also made it clear that he’ll have no qualms about going into the game without Jackson. Tyler Huntley threw two touchdowns and ran for two touchdowns against Green Bay, which led tight end Mark Andrews to call him a “special player” and Harbaugh to say that he’s seen great progress from Huntley over the course of this season.

“You have to have two quarterbacks that can win for you,” Harbaugh said, via the team’s website. “Tyler is playing that kind of football. He played really well. I thought today, he took another step forward, just in terms of handling himself, operating on time in rhythm, taking off and running at the right time, accurate throws, all of those things. He took a big step. There’s a lot to be said for experience. Repetition really makes a big difference, and he’s a quick learner.”

Huntley said that he feels his teammates “feeling more confident in me” after his second start of the season and we’ll find out in the coming days if the Ravens will be relying on him again next Sunday.

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  1. Half joking before the game he could hurt the pay day for Lamar. Well I think that is actually something to consider. Huntley looked more natural as a passer. Not the weapon with his feet but how much longer will Lamar be that? Give me +300 or better odds and I will take Huntley as the week 1 starter in Baltimore in 2022.

  2. If I am an NFL team this off season looking for a QB< I think I would go after Tyler Huntley before other free agent or draft eligible qb's. Huntley appears to have some special qualities.

  3. The baptism by fire performance by Huntley was fantastic. It’s the type of performance I hoped to see from Jordan Love when he started during Rodgers’ “I Lied, I’m Out” tour. No comparison, unfortunately.

  4. You’re not putting your team in a position to win by going for 2 at end of game. You have the best kicker in history for the extra point

  5. I’m still curious to see if this trend takes off.

    Why run with an offense that requires a Manning, or Rodgers?

    Aside from the Ravens, nobody is really all in on these athletic QBs. If you can get one and build a solid scheme around him, why not do it? The cost is considerably less, the risk is virtually the same. If your QB doesn’t work out, you get fired anyway. At least you haven’t bankrupted the franchise with guys like Bortles, Trubisky, Ponder..

  6. Huntley showed great field command & presence yesterday. Made great decisions and simply played better than Lamar, period. Great to see Lamar rooting for Huntley on the sidelines. HOWEVER – Harbaugh cost them that game yesterday. Momentum is everything, BR had it at the end, and for the second time this season, he cost his guys. He’s fortunate the coaching talent pool is empty. His players need to educate this coach ASAP.

  7. Let’s not be a prisoner of the moment. I love Huntley. He’s hungry, confident, and decisive. Definitely showing more poise and accuracy than Lamar has as of late. But come on, he’s a backup with 2 games under his belt. Lamar critics preached for 2 years when it came to Lamar, “teams need film on him”. Now all of sudden, film and familiarity doesn’t matter. Cut Lamar and let Huntley start. He’s a different QB than Lamar with different tendencies. Let’s see how he does when teams actually start to develop game plans for him. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE for the kid to succeed, and if he keeps playing at this pace, he’s going to put the Ravens in a very tough position. At the same time, don’t let your dislike of Lamar and/or your desire to be right about him cause you to be hypocritical and unfair in your judgements.

  8. I don’t understand all of the Lamar Jackson hate among commenters here because he’s obviously a very good player.

    But, I do think Huntley’s performances have created a real question about whether the team would be better off with him on a reasonable contract than Lamar Jackson with an enormous contract that would cost the team possibly several good players because of salary cap issues – plus whatever draft picks the Ravens could get for trading him.

  9. Both of Baltimore QB’s can run and throw. I think that eventually they will need to only run when the pocket breaks down because just like Cam Newton – they will meet their maker running that dumb read option. Even Russell Wilson learned that – and remember Mahommes was concussed trying to run. But if you cannot pass and if you look to run without looking downfield for the pass when outside the pocket – you will eventually get creamed. Huntley looks like the real deal and in the right organization with the correct OC and play calling will be around for awhile – the Same can be said about Fields in Chicago and I am predicting that Trubiski will be back and terrorize DA BEARs as he is better that what most teams have.

  10. The Ravens have Gale Sayers standing back there at every snap. It’s dangerous.

  11. That guy is scary. Unlike Lamar who runs it after his first read, this guy can actually read the defense and find the open man. He can also run. They look a lot more dangerous with Huntley. They’d be better signing him to a long-term deal and releasing the RB.

  12. Huntley > Jackson, please. He played 3 games, lost 2. While he has played pretty well, too early to call either way. How many backups have we seen come in, do well, but as soon as they become the starter, they crash and burn. While I hope Huntley can be a great player, Lamar will this team to the AFC championship vs the Chiefs.

  13. I am dumbfounded at how many media people still stand behind the go for 2 thing. Even thought it has not worked 2 times now and the Ravens are currently out of the playoffs. Why do some some defend the decision even though it may have cost the Raven two wins now. At what point do some of these “analytic” wanna be’s realize that the numbers are only averages but still. I found a report that the success of 2pt is only 48% which means it don’t work 52% of the time. The difference is maybe if you go for it against the Jags or the Texans your a genius but maybe just maybe when you try it against a good team, you need to rethink things. After all for all these Monday morning QB’s the true test if it was the right decisions was whether it worked and they won the game.The people who stick by the decision need to look at it different. Like did it work. In my opinion it was only the right decision if it worked. You don’t get to claim victory when you lost the war and lost the battle too.

  14. Mark Andrews definitely should think this kid’s special.

    Andrews had a career day because Huntley couldn’t find anyone else to throw to!

  15. Can they move LJack to his natural RB position and let him ride out next season and franchise tag him for RB money? Let’s see how quickly he hires an agent then…

  16. The first time I saw Huntley play I knew he’s a better QB than Jackson. He may not have 4.2 speed, but is just as good an athlete, a far better passer, a smarter scrambler and better, smarter leader. You can run more complex offenses with him. Just look at how the receivers become more relevant when he’s in. He’s simply better!

  17. To say any QB with just 3 games under his belt is better than any regular starting 4-year QB in the NFL is totally idiotic.

  18. Huntley is a very good pocket passer. He took off a few times last night, but he’ll learn he doesn’t always need to. Lamar, however, expects to run. There’s a difference. I have no dog in this fight but Huntley has talent and one very, very important trait; self-confidence. I’d spend my money on other players and get what I could for Jackson while the need for someone like him is hot. One eye on the road, one eye on the future.

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