Antonio Brown deletes vow to post video of his vaccination

Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Monday’s Twitter banter with Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown contained a certain amount of entertainment value. That said, it’s not prudent for Brown to say or do anything when it comes to the thing that got him suspended by the NFL for three games.

Perhaps for that reason, Brown deleted the tweet in which he vowed to post a video of his vaccination. As explained last night, whether he eventually received a vaccine has no relevance to the question of whether he previously gave the team a fake vaccination card. And if he draws too much attention to the situation, he could find himself on the wrong end of a federal criminal investigation, with up to five years behind bars in the balance.

Brown’s best play would be discretion. Although there’s nothing he can do if he has already landed on the radar screen of the Department of Justice, one more tweet or quote or whatever could get the attention of prosecutors who would realize that, as the battle lines harden between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, it’s important to ensure that the unvaccinated will own their status and the consequences of it.

26 responses to “Antonio Brown deletes vow to post video of his vaccination

  1. First of all, the vaxxed need to not worry if they believe the science. Even though the science is wrong, they are worried about the spread of something that many people do not care about. This is still a free country. I am vaxxed, and I don’t care if you are or are not. To each their own. Numbers (the real ones) just don’t matter anymore as people are annoyed with businesses closing because they can’t get help. Stop paying people to not work, stop handing out cash that the working will eventually have to pay back, get politicians that work for the people, and quit arguing over the real numbers. They are what they say they are. Or they aren’t….does anybody know?

  2. AB knows if he gets the jab then d-coordinators can fly magnetic drones above stadiums to throw him off his routes….

  3. The league needs to take care of this dude themselves. Ban him for life that’s it. Too many charges against this guy.

  4. “Brown’s best play would be discretion.”


  5. Is anyone else kind of hoping he has another ‘legal problem’ surface? Just to see what the NFL and Bucs would do. Especially now with Godwin out, and considering the extreme worldwide publicity TB12 generates.

  6. Can’t disagree with anything being said, he seems to be an awful person… he is a great receiver though. I can’t imagine him being successful once that ends, everyone eventually runs their last route.

  7. Brown MAY get the vax, I mean it’s free & he won’t have to worry about being sued for non payment, THIS TIME ANYWAYS!!!!
    Nahhhhh, that would be the right thing to do & WE ALL KNOW that’s just not in his DNA

  8. the Bucs must cringe every time he post something. Like dude come on, you’re the only chance of a repeat, turn off the social media. Dont need you getting cancelled again…

  9. As I said before, I am going to laugh and laugh and laugh when AB does something to hurt this team in the playoffs. He is a narcissistic bag of crap who doesn’t believe the rules of society apply to him. Look at the pattern–bad, unlawful behavior turns into a narrative of him being the victim, never taking full responsibility–and then he gets another chance and another and another. My hope is this blows up in the Bucs face, then maybe the next team will lear–oh nevermind they wont learn–but it will be funny, and I for one will enjoy Tammy Brady’s tears of rage. I hope it will be as bad as when TO blew up the whole season in Philly.

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