Arthur Smith on 0-5 home record: We’ve got to do something to change that narrative

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers
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The Falcons have experienced an up-and-down year for their first season under head coach Arthur Smith.

Technically the club is still in a position to possibly make the postseason at 6-8, with games against the Lions, Bills, and Saints still on their schedule.

But one oddity of the team’s season is that Atlanta hasn’t won at Mercedes-Benz Stadium this year.

The club technically has a “home” win, having defeated the Jets in London. But otherwise, the Falcons have lost to Philadelphia, Washington, Carolina, New England, and Tampa Bay on their home turf.

Asked about that on Monday, Smith just noted the importance of winning wherever the game happens to be.

“I always say that each game is its own entity,” Smith said. “There are certain things you try to build off week to week. Certain things come up situationally and matchups change week to week. These are the easy narratives. The reality is, we’re 0-5 this season at home. In a couple of games, we had a chance and didn’t close it out, did do a good enough job. Like I said, those things can snowball on you, and we’ve got to do something to change that narrative, certainly.

“The most important thing whether we’re playing in Atlanta, Detroit, Barcelona, Cabo, we’ve got to get ready to play a good team. Go out there and execute and play better up front.”

The Falcons host the Lions this week with a chance to end that skid. But after Detroit played spoiler last week against Arizona, Atlanta likely won’t have a cakewalk to give Smith his first home victory.

6 responses to “Arthur Smith on 0-5 home record: We’ve got to do something to change that narrative

  1. Yes, the *narrative* needs changing. Not the consistent losing, just *how you frame it*.

    Spin it a certain way, and the facts become irrelevant, right?

  2. The mere fact that the Falcons have six wins shows what a good coach they have in Atlanta. The creativity with Patterson has shown up in each game. Their WRs and RBs are probably below average overall, especially without Ridley, but they keep moving the ball. When Smith gets more talent, watch out.

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