Bears head coach Matt Nagy said “magic words” to draw unsportsmanlike penalty


Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy drew a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct for his reaction with officials to a play late in the first quarter of Monday night’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Nagy was angry that the officials had called a personal foul for a hit to a defenseless receiver for contact between safety Deon Bush and Vikings tight end Tyler Conklin. Although Bush contracted Conklin high while he attempted to catch a pass from Kirk Cousins, replays showed that Bush’s hit seemed to be rather incidental to his attempt to play the ball.

Once Nagy saw the replay of the play in question, he became very animated on the sidelines in expressing his anger to back judge Terrence Miles. At the end of the back-and-forth, Nagy shouted and turned to walk away as Miles delivered the flag for unsportsmanlike conduct on Nagy.

In a pool report after the game, head referee Scott Novak said that Nagy chose some of the few words you can’t say to an official to draw the flag.

I won’t repeat what he said,” Novak said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “But when it crosses a line and it’s inappropriate, then that’s when we throw a flag.”

Novak said there was no warning given to Nagy. He hadn’t crossed a line until he did and so the flag was thrown.

“It’s tough to warn because we don’t know where the conversation is going,” Novak said. “So, if he just ends up going in that direction and it gets to where we need to throw a flag, we throw it.”

The penalty on Nagy moved the Vikings to the Chicago 12-yard line. The Bears defense held and forced a 37-yard field goal from Greg Joseph.

9 responses to “Bears head coach Matt Nagy said “magic words” to draw unsportsmanlike penalty

  1. He won’t repeat it.
    Not because he’ll be fined,
    But because it’s a naughty word and it hurt the poor Referees feelings.
    News Flash…. Nobody cares about your feelings, all of their judgement abilities are in question week in and week out.
    Everybody in America watching Nagy berate the official had a smile on their face. Guaranteed

  2. None of the refs should cash a paycheck from last night. But had the refs been perfect the Bears still would have lost

  3. The Bears are among the worst run organizations in all of professional sports and have been for decades. Nagy is bad at his job, as are almost all his assistants and many of the players. Refs are going to jack around teams like that while giving favors to teams like Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, KC, and TB. There is definitely a pecking order in the NFL and the Bears are right down there at the bottom. It’s critical that Nagy’s replacement be someone who has paid his dues in the league and has respect.

  4. Hmmm, funny how he doesn’t mention Justin Jefferson getting tackled on the route that led to the easiest interception in HISTORY. Or when Hicks goes helmet to helmet with Cousins in the pocket and doesn’t get flagged, much less ejected like Kendricks did. Refs were plain bad all around.

    I also learned that apparently if you spike the red flag hard enough, they’ll just change the call and you don’t even have to use a challenge.

  5. Again, I’m surprised Nagy wasn’t fired at halftime. Heck, he should be fired simply for being a bald guy wearing a visor on a winter evening.

  6. As a Packers fan, I really want to see the division crown be decided between the Bears and the Pack. I hope they can get this mess fixed, but it sure doesn’t look good right now. They’ve given up a ton of draft capital for Mack and Fields. The QB is the key and they need some luck in finding one. Same story for a lot of teams. The Pack will probably find themselves there someday soon, so we better enjoy these good times while we can.

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