Cooper Kupp goes for 136 yards, two touchdowns as Rams beat Seahawks 20-10

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams
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After the Cardinals lost to the Lions on Sunday, the Rams needed a win to move into a tie for first place in the NFC West.

They got it on a Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, defeating the Seahawks 20-10.

The Rams controlled the game throughout, stifling Seattle’s offense and limiting the club to just 214 total yards. Though the score was 3-3 at halftime, the Rams led in time of possession 21:00 to 9:00. The Seahawks had just 27 yards of offense before a two-minute drill led to Jason Myers‘ 39-yard field goal at the end of the half.

The Seahawks took a brief lead with running back DeeJay Dallas’ 4-yard touchdown to start the second half.

But it was all Rams from there.

Cooper Kupp scored Los Angeles’ first touchdown with a 6-yard reception with 6:31 left in the third quarter. With that catch, Kupp set a franchise record with 120 catches in a single season.

Kupp then gave the Rams a 17-10 lead with 10:48 left in the contest, capping an eight-play, 88-yard drive with a 29-yard touchdown.

On his way to a receiving triple crown, Kupp finished with nine catches for 136 yards and those two TDs.

However, the game was not without an officiating controversy. On fourth-and-6 from the 50 with 3:27 left in the fourth quarter, quarterback Russell Wilson fired an incomplete pass to Dallas that went off Rams linebacker Ernest Jones. Dallas wanted a defensive pass interference call, and replay showed that he had a good argument for it.

But the only flag thrown on the play was against Dallas for unsportsmanlike conduct.

That gave the Rams good enough field position to set up Matt Gay for a 35-yard field goal, giving L.A. a 20-10 lead.

Wilson tossed an interception in the end zone to safety Taylor Rapp on the ensuing drive that officially ended things. The quarterback finished the game 17-of-31 passing for 156 yards for a 55.3 passer rating.

Without Tyler Lockett — who is on the COVID-19 list — D.K. Metcalf caught six of his 12 targets for 52 yards. Tight end Gerald Everett had four receptions for 60 yards.

Seahawks linebacker Carlos Dunlap had 3.0 sacks, but it wasn’t enough to limit Los Angeles’ offense.

On the other side, edge rusher Von Miller recorded his first sack as a Ram, also recording a pair of tackles for loss. And defensive tackle Aaron Donald recorded his 11th sack of the season and had a pair of TFLs.

At 10-4, the No. 5 Rams will head to Minnesota on Sunday for a significant matchup against the NFC’s current No. 7 seed.

Now sporting a 5-9 record, the Seahawks officially have their first losing season since 2011 — the year before Wilson was drafted. They will host the 4-10 Bears next week.

34 responses to “Cooper Kupp goes for 136 yards, two touchdowns as Rams beat Seahawks 20-10

  1. I despise the Seahawks like most legit fans, but that was definitely pass interference. They got robbed on that play. That being said, isn’t it great seeing Seattle in last place with a losing record to boot? Seattle, you’re back where you belong, all by yourself in last place. It is glorious. Oh,and Jimmy G > Russell Wilson.

  2. A phantom holding call on the Rams go ahead touchdown drive and a blatant pass interference not called on DJ Dallas a poorly officiated game. This crew has no business being involved in playoff games. C’mon NFL it is time to review all calls because the officiating this year has sucked!

  3. I know Seattle media will spin it differently but Wilson is a run of the mill QB with no effective ground game and top 5 defense. He should’ve just stayed out after his finger injury. The last couple of weeks have been hurting his “legacy” and if it hasn’t hurt that it’s definitely hurt that elephant in the room called his ego.

  4. I can see why Seahawk fans might be miffed about that missed call. There were calls both ways, but none as bad or significant as that one. At the start of the game the announcers said this crew throws more flags than any of the others. That got me worried before kickoff.

    Cooper Kupp showed why he should be in the conversation for MVP. Aaron Donald is the man! Stafford’s interception looked communication issue. My guess is receiver error, but we won’t know until that play gets broken down.

  5. Officiating is embarrassing week after week. NFL should be ashamed but who knows..maybe they want this controversy.

  6. He’s scrappy and sneaky fast. Not the most athletic but has a high football IQ. Team player and hard worker…

  7. NFL officiating really really sucks and this game was another example, Now these gams with the expressed consent of the NFL are now being bet on and they allow officiating like this? And they said that they tried to have PI and it was a total failure. It was a total failure because Al Riveron wanted it to be a failure and he never overruled even the most agregious PI calls. It is about time – not to have New York make the calls but to put a eye in the sky with a mike in the head referees ear and indicate the obvious calls that need to be enforced or called. There are bigger things at stake especially late in games. It already has cost Drew Brees a chance at playing in a Superbowl with that very very very ( get my point) missed PI call.If NFL owners and executives dont get this figured out then they really really really are incompetent.

  8. Ah, the days when the 2012’s would come on here and ‘splain to all of us how they were going to be the greatest dynasty in the history of the NFL. Good times, good times…

  9. I guess Russ had nothing to cook tonight! Better start cooking before it’s too late! Oh’ it already is, Now Russ and Pete can go away!

  10. Rams Defense is not that good with all those” stars”…Staford will be another one and done…waste of draft picks

  11. I would like to hear from the 2012s who said a couple weeks ago the Hawks were gonna run the table and make the playoffs.

    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

  12. So I guess the Hawks AREN’T gonna run the table and make the playoffs?

    Stay the course Seattle…Pete and Russ will get you that 2nd Lombardi any year now. Only been a decade or so since the first one.

  13. Never understood the hate for Wilson. I remember thinking years ago, of there was 1 QB I’d like after Brady left/retired, it would be Wilson.
    What Seattle is dealing with is a total system failure after an attempt to go all-in.
    Their D was great for a number of years, but they haven’t been able to replace the great players who left.
    They’ve got a rebuild coming, and not every team can do it in one year.

  14. I know Seattle media will spin it differently but Wilson is a run of the mill QB with no effective ground game and top 5 defense.

    Yes, he played with a once-in-a-generation defense.

    Yes, Lynch was special.

    Russ carried his weight in the Super Bowl seasons. Just watch the Playoff games. Whenever they needed a play, he made one… well, outside of that stupid throw on the 1-yard line… and Russ has more than carried his weight since then. This will be his first losing season. He was the guy plugging all the holes. The boat finally took on too much water.

    I do wonder whether the poundings he’s taken have caught up to him. And the offense has gone from solid to flat out bad. There seem to be bigger problems than Russ simply losing it. Maybe time will prove otherwise? For now though, he’s earned the benefit of hte doubt.

  15. Is the clock ticking on Pete Carroll?

    I don’t think he’ll deal with losing any better than Russ.

    Problem is, who do you go with? I can’t see them going with a retread that has a lesser resume than Carrolls.

    Total house cleaning? Schneider hasn’t exactly been striking gold like he was early on.

    The crushing blow for them is, they gave away a top 10 pick that may have swung their fortune in a big hurry.

  16. I don’t understand that hate for Seahawk fans.

    Its a great, well established fan base. They were selling out LONG before 2012.

    How are they any more obnoxious than the Cowboys fans of the 90s. Steelers fans from the 2000s. Patriots/Brady fans today?

    And face it, we all sound rediculous on social media…

  17. Too bad Wilson couldn’t get the ball to DK.

    It is truly surreal.

    DK would be the centerpiece of so many offenses.

  18. Funny how the 49er fans are here chirping about the Seahawks like they didn’t beat the 9ers twice this year and have completely owned them for the past decade plus. Some kind of little brother syndrome, I guess.

  19. Not taking anything away from Cooper Cupp…he is definitely MVP material. I just think that the officiating crew for this game was horrible. Flag on every other play, but the flags stayed in their pockets when it mattered most to the Seahawks. That was PI on Dallas. No doubt about it. Add that in to all the other bad calls, and you have yet another NFL game ruined by the officials.

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