Robert Quinn: Refs seem like they’re controlling the game a little too much

NFL: DEC 20 Vikings at Bears
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There were plenty of errors for the Bears to lament after Monday’s 17-9 loss to the Vikings, including three turnovers, a blocked field goal, and three failed fourth downs while in scoring position in the second half.

Chicago was also penalized nine times for 91 yards during the contest. Five of those penalties were personal fouls and they included an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on head coach Matt Nagy for arguing another personal foul call between the first and second quarters.

After the game, edge rusher Robert Quinn said that the league needs “to go check the refs they’re hiring” rather than Nagy because he believes officials have too much control over the outcome.

“Honestly, some of these calls are starting to get a little crazy,” Quinn said, via “These refs seem like they’re controlling the game a little too much. If a play is clean and they’re throwing a flag over something that they thought they can change the game just by one flag, I mean, let guys play ball. If this was a couple years ago, half this stuff wouldn’t even be called, but now they’ve got some of these stupid rules and in the refs’ hands it can change at any given moment.”

Nagy said after the game that he didn’t regret anything he said before getting the penalty, which helped set the Vikings up for a field goal. While he might not second-guess that decision, it was part of a long list of reasons why the Bears are now 4-10.

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  1. Even the MNF announcers agree. Fields took a direct hit on the helmet… no call. It was blatant. If Aaron Rodgers has someone barely touch him, its a roughing call. I agree with Robert, officials throwing more flags now than ever before. Maybe they like being on camera a lot more.

  2. Not sure Quinn has much to bitch about but there were certain calls that certainly were questionable and all went against the Bears. Their offense was offensive and that contributed big time to the Vikings win.

  3. Quinn is right, and Nagy getting fired up was completely understandable. Unfortunately for players, coaches and fans – the extreme and unnecessary control that the refs have over games is a feature for the NFL, and not a bug. They know we’ll all be watching anyway, all the while having control to “guide” the entire season towards a conclusion they alone think is best.

  4. He’s partially right, but it’s not about the refs they are hiring. It’s about how they are told to do their jobs. It’s about not having the ability (deliberately) to fix obvious mistakes (like the personal foul on the broken up pass). The officiating was definitely poor from what I saw. But it also doesn’t surprise me that Nagy got flagged. He went ballistic. It’s never good when a coach is that mad….either the call is that insane, or the coach knows he’s going to get canned.

  5. That’s what the NFL wants now that gambling is legal. It’s going to get continuously worse over the years. Watch.

  6. I have to agree. Referee Scott Novak and his crew were horrible last night same as they were in the Bills vs Bucanners game last week. Novak is right up there with homer Tony Corrente-can’t beleive that the league accets this poor officiating.

  7. He isnt entirely wrong. But after watching that game, the Bears are a team full of undisciplined players, and some of them dont seem to be “high football IQ” types… That is a far bigger problem.

    They were down 10-3, which puts them right in the game. And 3 times the defense got the stop on 3rd down, and all 3 times there was a penalty after the play to keep the Vikings offense on the field. Eventually they got into the endzone putting the game out of reach. Any of those moronic plays doesnt happen and its a competitive game, that the Bears could have won. The refs didnt make your player, push the face of a player on the other team well after the play on a third down stop. The criticism misses the mark. Take some accountability.

  8. Yeah, like calling a personal foul for tackling the QB that supposedly took a knee, yet his knee never came near to the ground and then dropped back to continue the play. It goes both ways.

  9. Hmmm, funny how he doesn’t mention Justin Jefferson getting tackled on the route that led to the easiest interception in HISTORY. Or when Hicks goes helmet to helmet with Cousins in the pocket and doesn’t get flagged, much less ejected like Kendricks did. Refs were plain bad all around.

    I also learned that apparently if you spike the red flag hard enough, they’ll just change the call and you don’t even have to use a challenge.

  10. The officiating can be easily explained—and has, if you look at the previous comments—by a mix of referee errors and the Bears’ sloppy and undisciplined behavior; yet several of you persist in believing there is some sort of conspiracy at work. Let’s not conflate bad work with your grievances, ya dig?

  11. Truly, the refs have GIVEN the vikings two games this year, and those are two games that I have seen. Perhaps it’s more.

    They are legitimately a 6-10 team right now that have been gifted .500.

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