Washington takes their own benches to Philadelphia

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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Necessity is the mother of invention. What happens after that can get a little nutty.

Consider the issue of NFC East teams taking their own benches to road games. In Week 14, the Cowboys brought heated benches with team names and logos to FedEx Field for a game against Washington, due to concerns about the visiting team benches in the dilapidated venue generating sufficient warmth. Now, with Washington going on the road to face the Eagles, Washington has taken their own benches, via Mitchell Tischler of NBC Sports Washington.

It’s a strange move, given that the Cowboys had a legitimate reason for doing it. And it’s hard to imagine that it will matter, especially with Washington dealing with a lingering COVID outbreak.

Regardless, they’ll have their benches tonight — and at every remaining road game this year. It remains to be seen whether it becomes a thing moving forward, in the NFC East and beyond.

14 responses to “Washington takes their own benches to Philadelphia

  1. This team is so stupid…. Dallas brought their benches because the WFT stadium is crap. Now, they want to do the same thing just because Dallas did it. They are such losers!!!

  2. This will become an issue when a team with Pepsi logos on the bench (as an example) take their benches to Coca-Cola stadium.

  3. The Linc is a state of the art facility. There’s nothing wrong with its benches. What a joke.

  4. Too late to be cautious. But thanks for the gesture. If the eagles have any heart in their bodies they will kick your butts from end zone to end, win by 35 and send a statement to these teams that can’t cont

  5. Fedex field may be not be brand new and its a boring, bland ugly stadium but it’s far from dilapidated.
    Furthermore even if they were still in rfk (which is dilapidated) they could still have the nicest benches known to mankind, one thing has nothing to do with the other.

    This is about stupid games teams play with the visiting teams to try to make them uncomfortable like having benches that don’t function for the visitors.

    Think about it, if the benches are so awful in Washington then why pack them up and bring them to philly?

  6. The Jets are bringing their own toilets to Foxboro. They’re afraid that Belichick is listening.

  7. Fedex Field opened in 1997. Is that the lifespan of a billion dollar building these days? 25 years? Now it’s “dilapidated”? Do they have to kick all the squatters out on gameday Sunday mornings?

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