Bill Belichick, Matt LaFleur have best odds for coach of the year, with three games left

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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Patriots coach Bill Belichick, the best coach in the NFL every year, continues to be the favorite to win coach of the year this year.

PointsBet has Belichick at -105 to win the award, making him the clear favorite. Next on the list is a guy who needs to get more credit than he has, given that he has a regular-season record of 37-9. Packers coach Matt LaFleur is +300 to win it.

No other candidate is in triple-digit territory. Rams coach Sean McVay and Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury are +1200.

Colts coach Frank Reich has +1500 odds; Chargers coach Brandon Staley, Titans coach Zac Jackson, and Bengals coach Zac Taylor currently are +2000 propositions.

Here’s an intriguing option, at +7000 (or 70-1): Eagles coach Nick Sirianni. Given the manner in which the Eagles have turned it around on the fly, the manner in which he has figured out the team’s strength and played to them, and their realistic shot at the postseason, Sirianni should get some consideration if Philly gets one of the seven seats at the NFC table.

43 responses to “Bill Belichick, Matt LaFleur have best odds for coach of the year, with three games left

  1. Hard to argue with either of these two. MLF’s approach has been great for Rodgers and the team. That said, I worry a ton about special teams and defense.

    What BB has done with his team though is crazy amazing.

  2. Belichick is the clear choice. Integrating so many free agents and a rookie QB took a little longer than just training camp, but in typical Bill style the team has gelled after a slow September start. The Indy game just gave Bill the opportunity to light the fire needed to take the team through the end of the season and into the playoffs; that film session had to be brutal. The Pats looked totally unmotivated against Indy. The Bills will pay the price for that.

  3. Did you know that Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season? Only 3 playoff wins in the past 11 seasons while having a Hall of Fame quarterback but still.

  4. It’s clearly LeFleur.

    Overcoming a bunch of injuries, first coach to ever win his division the first three years of coaching and at least 11 games per year. Will likely have the best first record over three years in NFL History.

    And he doesn’t have a history of blatant cheating.

  5. Belichick absolutely should be in the conversation for coach of the year this year,

    Payton should be up there too I think if the Saints get to the playoffs.

  6. Lefleur has ARodgers. Belichick has the 5th rookie QB drafted. NFC North is a joke compared to the AFCE(never thought I’d say that}. Don’t make me laugh. Not sure Vrabel is getting his due either.

  7. LaFleur should get the honor for just putting up with all Rodger’s BS during the offseason and still go on to put up a winning record.

  8. Should be Mike Vrabel … Titans have been decimated with injuries while beating the Chiefs, Colts, Rams and Bills

  9. 10-4. Tied for the league turnovers created. Top 5 scoring defense and offense. Only a total of 4 pro bowlers.

    McCarthy gets no love?

  10. Sirianni came in cold to a 4-11-1 team with a culture that was widely chronicled for its dysfunction and a QB with major deficiencies when it comes to accuracy and reading defensive schemes and coverages.

    But he’s managed to convince everyone that they’re pointed in the right direction now. I’m not entirely convinced. But the way it looks right now, he does deserve some credit.

  11. I’d write in Andy Reid for my homer pick for turning an abysmal start into the top seed in the AFC (again) and possibly turning in 3 strait SB appearances. That’s no small feat.

    Between the two though Lafleur should win it. Tolerating Rogers is a statistic few outside of McCarthy could handle well.

  12. infectorman says:
    December 22, 2021 at 1:14 pm

    LaFleur has the “chosen one” so not sure how he should get much credit.

    Belichick had Brady for a generation. And he still should have either won or been considered for the award most years. Having a great QB doesn’t mean both of these coaches have made their teams much better than they would have been with another coach.

  13. You can insert any number of competent coaches and as long as they have Rodgers, the Packers are playoff contenders.

    The Patriots actually had to work for it this year. Mac Jones shows good potential but he’s not the primary reason they’re winning games.

  14. My vote is not for Sirianni, even being an Eagles fan. He waited a looooong time to recognize he needed to run the ball because his QB had trouble passing it. Many of us fans were screaming at him from the beginning of the season. Some of those early games the Eagles only ran the ball a handful of snaps. Wasn’t till mid season did he figure that out, and start running. His in game decisions have been questionable at times also. He deserves to be mentioned for turning it around a bit, but any fool could have told him the ground game and some RPO with Hurts was his only shot. Congratulations coach for turning it around, but sorry, not voting for ya.

  15. If the Dolphins go from 1-7 to 10-7… can anyone seriously argue against Brian Flores on this? It could be argued he was part of the reason for 1-7… but I think it was mainly due to Tua’s injury in hindsight now. If the Dolphins are the first 1-7 team to make the playoffs in NFL history.. I think he’s earned the trophy.

  16. Reich chatter is deserved. Good coach. They’re a good team on a roll. Problem is, at this point they’re 8-6, with little chance of winning the division. Doesn’t cut it for COTY.Plus he wanted Wentz. Good luck with that.

  17. itsabobbiedazzler says:
    December 22, 2021 at 2:48 pm
    Who has a history of blatant cheating?

    4 5 Rate This


    Umm, neither of them?

  18. Reich should win it. But my god Dan frigging Campbell is a great coach. To keep that team hungry is amazing. Who ever wins it would have not done better with that roster

  19. Meh, LaFleur would be nothing without Rodgers, while Belichick has established he is something without Tom Brady.

  20. These awards are really starting to pile up once again. I guess success really does breed success.

  21. touchback6 says:
    December 22, 2021 at 3:30 pm
    Frank Reich? He’s leading a .500 team. Please.


    The same 500 team that ran over yours?

  22. It’s funny the fanbase saying LaFleur would be nothing without Rodgers claimed since 2015 Rodgers was declining, often cited his 3 yearending in 2018, and insisted he would never be the same after the Barr-induced injury.

    And then went bonkers when they drafted his future replacement.

    Luckily the consistent success of Green Bay, whomever deserves the credit, has quieted that crowd.

  23. Mlf just for managing a player who publically declared how much he hates playing for his current team. Then again he did let Rodgers walk all over the packers and do as he pleased

  24. They could give it to Belichick every year. And I would have no problem with that whatsoever.

    LaFleur has been amazing so far. His scheme is a pure joy to watch. The job they have done with the O-line, 8 different starters, down 2 All-Pros, is remarkable. He is worthy if he receives this honor.

  25. He *is* Rodgers’ handpicked head coach.
    One of Rodgers major complaints was that the new coach was hired with zero input from him, but yet here we are.

  26. For those saying MLF had Rodgers, keep in mind 2017&2018. Rodgers looked done. He’s had a resurgence under MLF.

  27. Tampa Bay Tommy lovers so mad that Belichick is in this conversation at all. Tee hee 🙂 Imagine actually thinking that Belichick is a bad NFL coach and proclaiming it on a public forum exposing your lack of football knowledge for all to see.. and being proud to do that! 😂

    How many tablets will Tampa Bay Tommy break this week? Over or under the number of opposing coaches on the receiving end of one of his temper tantrums? Tough call.

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