Daniel Jones on 2022: I’ve spoken to Joe Judge, there’s things he expects me to improve on

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Giants quarterback Daniel Jones will not play again this season due to a neck injury and that has kickstarted conversations about whether he will be back in the saddle for the 2022 season.

The injury isn’t seen as the issue nearly as much as Jones’ inconsistent play and the team’s 14-32 record since he was drafted in the first round of the 2019 draft. That record is expected to lead to the dismissal of the guy who drafted him, General Manager Dave Gettleman, and sweeping changes could lead to Jones moving elsewhere before the start of next season.

On Wednesday, Jones spoke to reporters for the first time since going on injured reserve and he was asked about his approach to next season.

“I’ve spoken to [head coach Joe Judge] and we’ve had conversations about that,” Jones said, via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. “But I think there’s things I need to improve on. There’s things he expects me to improve on and I understand that. I obviously take that very seriously. So that’s my approach.”

Judge isn’t guaranteed to be back next season, which would add to the less than ideal circumstances around the Giants throughout Jones’ time with the team. Circumstances  are rarely perfect, however, and players who can’t make it work in their situations are often replaced in the hope that others will do a better job. That’s one of many decisions the Giants face as they wrap up another losing season.

5 responses to “Daniel Jones on 2022: I’ve spoken to Joe Judge, there’s things he expects me to improve on

  1. How many games did Eli miss?

    Gettleman is as bad as Reese. Should have paid Eli for a year or two and built up draft capitol for a new GM to use a bit more prudently.

    Giants won’t be good for another 5 years at a minimum. Jerruh is how bad a GM? At least his son whispers in his ear at the right time.

    Passing on Quentin Nelson
    Passing on Laramy Tunsil
    No flier on La’Ell COllins
    Letting the whole world know you wanted Conklin or FLoyd and getting stuck with Eli Apple.

    I could go on. The only positive is the Jets always find a way to be worse.

    PS: Joe Judge’s time in NY is going to be the same as yours. 1 more year.

  2. Joe Judge was not and still is not ready to be a head coach for one of the top franchises in the NFL. He can talk a good game but has not shown the ability to prepare, motivate and coach a good game. We have not seen any evidence that year three will be any different then the previous two. What makes ownership believe he “deserves” another year? The fact that the previous two coaches only lasted 2 years is irrelevant when grading Judge. When you make a mistake you should correct it asap. Let’s hire a top, up and coming GM and give him the ability to hire the next head coach, who can then hire the next offensive coordinator. If we don’t do that then how can we judge our GM’s ability to turn this below average team into a winner?

    There is another option called HOPE. The HOPE option is to keep our current GM, head coach, and offensive coordinator and HOPE things improve.

    In the 60’s and 70’s we missed the playoff for 15 consecutive years. The fix was George Young, who was hired as GM, who hired Bill Parcells, who won 2 super bowls. Please let’s try this fix again.

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