Adrian Peterson: Seahawks were “robbed” by officials with two blown calls on Tuesday

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks running back Adrian Peterson didn’t play in Tuesday night’s loss to the Rams, but he was still fired up about bad calls that went against his team.

Peterson posted a lengthy Instagram message in which he faulted the officials for missing a pass interference penalty that should have been called by the Rams on a Seahawks fourth-down conversion attempt, and for extending a Rams drive with a questionable defensive holding call on a third-down incompletion.

“I don’t make excuses and I also feel any situation can be overcome, but, opportunities are all you need to create change,” Peterson wrote. “We got robbed of that last night on two critical plays which resulted in a 7 point swing and took away great field position that would’ve given us a chance to put points on the board. We then have a clear missed PI call that ended our opportunity to right the previous wrong of the officials. In critical moments of the game, they were presented with opportunities that we were not due to plays that should’ve been reviewable.”

Peterson wrote that, given how much of their lives players put into the game, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for the NFL’s officiating department to be held accountable and required to improve.

“These are literally life changing moments that shouldn’t be overlooked,” Peterson wrote. “I feel there are certain plays where officials should come together, review, and get the call right. Especially plays that are being displayed on million dollar Jumbotrons where the entire stadium and every football loving fan across the world can see.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after the game that he wouldn’t complain about the officiating. Not everyone on his team agreed with that.

49 responses to “Adrian Peterson: Seahawks were “robbed” by officials with two blown calls on Tuesday

  1. So now league officials favor the Rams.
    I’m losing track as to which teams the league wants it to win and which teams it doesn’t.

  2. Dude who do you really think controls the out come of these games??? Hers a hint it ain’t the players !!!

  3. you sure it wasnt the dropped or off target passes. then there as the Seattle D letting the rams score.
    always easier to blame someone else, but when your QB is 17/34…. it wasnt just the 2 bad calls…

  4. Really disappointed with the lack of head coaches who won’t take a fine to call out the horrendous officiating that has been absolutely destroying the credibility of a fair contest in more and more games this season.

    So many blatant non-calls or phantom penalties directly influencing the outcome of games and then the coaches won’t speak out for their players. Yes these players are being paid millions but the fans of these teams deserve someone within the NFL construct speaking up for us.

    We put too much time and money into following and supporting our franchises to see these games and potentially playoffs being taken from us from “part-time” refs. These part timers can decide when a team gets a fresh set of downs, who isn’t allowed to convert a third or 4th down in a critical situation and increasingly what a touchdown is.

    If you are a big market popular team there has been an incredible incentive to just hold or dpi in the secondary when your cover is blown or the receiver is about to make a huge play; because these part timers will keep all the flags in their pocket.

    There will come a time when AFC seeding will be decided and someone will get tackled to the ground on what would game winning catch and the zebras won’t call it; a smaller market goes home upset and the big market narrative team will get something that wasn’t earned.

    The egregious non-call in the Saints-Rams playoffs a few years ago has happened 5+ times since October.

  5. “I don’t make excuses and I also feel any situation can be overcome, but…” I’m about to make excuses and explain why this situation couldn’t be overcome.

    Officiating has always been flawed, and always will be as long as humans do it. If every single call is reviewed and dissected, football games will be as long and boring as baseball is today.

  6. It was a very obvious non-call and I haven’t heard anybody say it wasn’t. However, officials are human and make mistakes, everyone does. Officials have to work to make a living like most do and the referee standing right there would have lost a lot of money making that call if he put his money on the Rams, who can blame him.

  7. Welcome to the NFL. My team gets robbed by the refs at least twice every year.

    Bottom line is the refs stink and there’s no accountability.

  8. Officiating has cost a few teams games this year. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!! Happening way too often.

  9. Well he is dead spot on with this situation and remark. The officiating this season continues to get worse and worse and at some point the league needs to address this. I really do not understand why a multi billion dollar industry with the most advanced technology cannot get the calls correct and or go to the eye in the sky to get them correct.
    So big deal you have a few more commercial breaks which only lead to more money. Jobs are lost by coaches and players when games are lost because of one or 2 blows calls or missed calls.
    Good for someone speaking up and voicing the opinions about officiating. Something has to change.

  10. We used to be able to just chalk it up as clueless officiating. Legalized gambling (which also happens to be heavily marketed by the NFL) changed that.

    Millions of dollars are now being decided by clueless officiating. It’s gonna blow up in Goodell’s face if it isn’t fixed soon.

  11. The current situation is untenable and not fair to the officials, players or fans. Fans see close-up replays of critical events from multiple angles within seconds and then we wait for the officials to decide what they think they saw in real time. Im amazed how often they get it right. An official in the booth with access to real time film in direct communication with the officials would improve accuracy, speed up the game, and restore confidence in officiating.

  12. As long as people keep tuning in and the NFL keeps making more and more money, nothing will change. The refs are incompetent at best, on the take at worst. It could be fixed, and the fact that the NFL won’t do so tells you all you need to know.

  13. There is no bias with the NFL officials. Bad calls impact nearly every game. The NBA, NHL, and MLB make a much greater effort to “get to right”. The NFL does not seem to care about the blatant no-calls or bad calls that greatly impact the outcomes. The NFL already reviews pass receptions, touchdowns, and boundary plays. Why not include an automatic review for all major peanalities and the no calls that directly affect a play? The extra few minutes added would be a small price to pay to ensure the rules are properly followed and interpreted. I am certain the fans from Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, and Buffalo would agree!

  14. Unfortunately, your QB isn’t making plays that should be automatic.

    Blame the refs all you want. That game was there for the taking, and the offense couldn’t grab it.

  15. At this point, I am becoming convinced that the NFL fixes games. Why should I watch if it’s a WWE clone? It’s a shame, because it is a great game.

  16. It would be impossible to play a football game if every play was reviewed for a penalty because you can literally call holding on every single play from either the online or the defensive backs.

  17. The real bottom line is that the NFL has the ability to make sure every call or non-call is correct. The fact that they don’t want to is very telling. What does it tell? I don’t know, but it tells something.

  18. Calls this year were terrible IMO. The refs rely way too much on the replay and booth officials and have lost the edge. Not to mention being unionized they have little fear of repucussion’s for screwing up.
    In the Steeler game at the end a critical play to keep possession, the player looked to be stopped well short of the first down marker. The ref however put the ball very close to the marker and then called for a measurement. The ball actual touched the posts but they reversed their call and gave the ball to the Stealers basically ending the game. My take the booth ref saw the error of the placement and told them not to give the first down to the other team even though the measurement was certainly a first down. Its just BS this year.

  19. Seahawks were going nowhere regardless if they won. Wilsons play and the defense were the downfall of this team.

  20. I don’t know if what he’s saying is true or not. All I know is that he’s going to get fined. But we need more players, coaches and owners to step up to the plate and talk about how horrendous NFL refs are. The league hasn’t shown any desire to get it right, someone has to force their hand.

  21. Must have ALL calls reviewed by eye in sky….Game is way to important and fast not to review calls that would take away scores or first downs….

  22. It doesn’t matter how many times fans complain, we still go to the games and consume the products so the NFL has no reason to change. The only real chance for a change in officiating is if the NFLPA does something about it in the next CBA.

  23. With the poor quality of officiating, anyone who bets on football is a fool.
    Gambling is HUGE now…..
    It’s not poor officiating if the refs are taking bribes….. just some food for thought

  24. He is right they absolutely got screwed. The non-call for pass interference at the end of the game reminds me of the Lions getting screwed in the playoffs versus Dallas.

  25. And I thought that Peterson got his whining comments from being with the Vikings all those years. Maybe it’s the other way around, Maybe the Vikings got their constant whining from Adrian.

  26. Of course he’s complaining about the ref’s. You can take the player out of the Vikings, but you can’t take the Vikings out of the player.

  27. Speaking of being robbed, Peterson’s performance is robbing the Seahawks blind. He acts like he is still relevant to the NFL.

  28. The nfl really needs to have full time officials and put them through some kind of a training camp in the offseason.

  29. I disagree second generation. If the fans post that they’re going to boycott every other Sunday or 3 Sundays in a row the league would take notice. Congress would take notice. There is no excuse to miss a call like the pi in that Seattle LA game except that its fixed. We should not accept fixed games.

  30. When the FOX SPORTS announcers are commenting on whether the Official in the Press Box can overturn Pass Interference calls,…. you know officiating is getting bad. Even the FOX SPORTS Officiating Expert said it was a horrible call.
    I’ll agree with the others that officiating seems to be getting worse.

  31. Russell Wilson is the answer to every other teams prayers. If Wilson was so good the Seahawks would be undefeated.

  32. The NFL manipulates the puppet strings on NFL franchises. It started with the Immaculate Deception. From the time Harris crossed the goal line on the controversial play, it took 15 minutes (FIFTEEN) for them to make the final ruling and call it a TD.

    That was the beginning of steering. Ya know who was on the other end of the phone call referee Fred Swearengine made to the press box to discuss the call? Art freaking Rooney that’s who!

    NFL clearly wants LA in the playoffs. This is TWO TIMES the Rams got the benefit of a horrific blown call. The other was 2018 NFC Championship game in New Orleans.

    No doubt these contests are pre-determined

  33. Did the refs also lose the other 8 games for the Seahawks ?
    Yes, the officiating was terrible but the Seahawks are responsible for their current situation – no one else

  34. The NFL is indeed fixed. Not the specific outcomes, but for the desire to keep every game as close as possible till the very end. The more TVs that remain on, the bigger the NFL take. There simply is absolutely no other reason to not hire full time, professional grade refs/ umpires. These part time hacks are out there blowing multiple calls in every game every week for a reason. They are there for a purpose. So that they can be manipulatef

  35. Overthrows to DK Metcalf on (what would be) scoring plays had nothing to do with Seattle’s loss. It was all the officials.

  36. If the refs are trying to make every game as close as possible then we should all take the points on every game

  37. Kind of like when the Seahawks won by benefitting from the non-call on the blatant defensive holding/pass interference in the end zone vs the Niners.

  38. There are always questionable calls in every game, some more obvious than others. And it is possible, but unlikely, that if pass interference had been called on that particular play, the Seahawks might have pulled off a win. But time was running out, the Seahawks offense wasn’t very effective, and they would have needed a touchdown, two point conversion, onside kick recovery, field goal, or another touchdown to win, unlikely. Don’t cry about bad calls, they are part of the game. If you want to win, play better, much, much better.

  39. NFL is going down the road of the NBA.

    Deciding which “stories” are best and “massaging” outcomes.

    Remember when they wanted the bus to win a SB?

    NBA viewership dropped and so will NFL

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