Amari Cooper frustrated with offense’s struggles, ready for more targets

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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The Cowboys are 10-4 and currently the No. 2 seed in the NFC. All is not well in Big D, though.

The Cowboys have struggled since Dak Prescott‘s return from a calf injury. In the first six games of the season, the Cowboys averaged 460.8 yards and 34.2 points per game.

After missing a game with his calf injury, Prescott returned in Week 9. The Cowboys have averaged 351.7 yards and 25.1 points the past six games.

The team’s red zone numbers are lacking. For the season, the Cowboys have 28 touchdowns in 52 red zone trips. That includes six touchdowns in 18 trips the past five games.

The Cowboys have four takeaways in each of the past three games but have scored only 27, 27 and 21 points.

Receiver Amari Cooper, in his weekly radio interview on 105.3 The Fan, was asked if it bothers him when the offense isn’t doing its part and he’s not getting the ball.

“I got to be honest, it actually does,” Cooper said. “Because, yeah, we’re winning, but the defense is playing a huge part in that. We’re not really as explosive as we should be. We’re not converting a lot of their turnovers into touchdowns. A lot of them are field goals. And I feel like I could be a huge part of that, so that’s what frustrates me. I think I can do more in the red zone if I get some targets. I can do more on third down if I get the targets. To help the offense be what we need to be, I think I can definitely help change that.”

Cooper missed two games after testing positive for COVID-19. In the three games since his return, Cooper has only 14 targets, nine catches for 100 yards and a touchdown.

7 responses to “Amari Cooper frustrated with offense’s struggles, ready for more targets

  1. This better not be a TO situation forming. Cooper is good. Not as flashy as Owens but catches a higher percentage of his targets. Keep him happy, Dak. Throw the ball to him. Especially if he’s 15 yards downfield.

  2. Cooper is just a great talent who doesn’t really like football. He’s talented and smart enough to get paid millions, but he’ll always be an underachiever because he’s not passionate enough to put in the work required for greatness. Not that he’s a bad guy, or anything. He just doesn’t really like football all that much.

  3. Low hanging fruit I heard the interview and he said that he want to be the solution to the dallas red zone problems

  4. 350 yards and 25 ppg and this is the “down period.” Did you see what they did on offense earlier this year? Have you seen the defense the last 5 weeks? This team is about to destroy the league and get that 6th Lombardi, and no one is seeing it coming

  5. Cooper gets all of the attention from the defenses. Lamb benefits from this. The only thing Lamb is good at is dropping passes.

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